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AncestryDNA offers a fun way to discover more about yourself and your ancestors. Using autosomal DNA analysis, the company provides information on your ethnic makeup from than 1,000 regions. With the largest database in the industry, AncestryDNA also is a great way to meet unsuspected distant cousins. Until the end of November, AncestryDNA offers the test for just $59, a 40% discount to the normal $99 price. This offer is a great way to discover the fascinating world of genetic genealogy, know more about your origins, and make new genetic friends.

I will tell you a secret, Dear Readers. Eight years ago, as I was in charge of the Healthcare investments for a Tech. Company in London. I was asked to develop a quick, efficient, and reasonably priced ancestry DNA test.

We founded a subsidiary and developed an ancestry test that we sold for $99. In 2012, the average price was closer to $200. To achieve such a price, we analyzed around 300 genetic markers, which were more than enough to define the Haplotype. It only gave a really rough overview of the genetic makeup though.

Things have evolved dramatically, and for only $59, AncestryDNA now provides more than 7,000 markers. On top of that, the company leverages on the biggest database of customers in the industry to identify potential relatives.

What about your DNA?

To understand what a Genetic Genealogy test has to offer, it is key to know a little bit about the different DNA types that can be tested. These tests come in three flavors depending on the type of DNA analyzed:

  • Autosomal DNA: Autosomal DNA comes in equal parts from the mother and the father. These tests are by far the more popular among the testing companies, but they have limitations. They can hardly provide accurate results after 5 or 6 generations.
  • mtDNA: The mitochondrial DNA is inherited only from the mother. Even though males and females will inherit it, this genetic testing type only provides information about the maternal line heritage.
  • YDNA: The YDNA is the opposite of the mtDNA. It flows only from fathers to sons and allows to screen paternal lineage.

AncestryDNA falls in the autosomal DNA category. The tests offered by AncestryDNA will provide pie chart information about ethnicity from more than 1,000 regions. The list of specific regions is impressive and allows tracking your origins with unprecedented accuracy.

Relying on their database of more than 18 million customers, the DNA data will offer family matching with your distant cousins as long as they have also been tested and are part of the DNA database. It is a fun way to get in touch with distant family connections. It is clearly a dream comes true for any amateur genealogist.

How does it work?

Once ordered, you will receive a sampling kit with a unique number that needs to be activated on the AncestryDNA website. The DNA test kit contains a vial and only requires a saliva sample. The DNA sample is sent back using a pre-paid envelope and analyzed using cutting edge technologies.

More than 7,000 markers are assessed using microarray-based autosomal DNA testing. It takes six to eight weeks for the results to be uploaded directly to your personal account. On received, you will have the ability to connect with your family matches and complete your family tree.

Privacy is always a concern when dealing with personal DNA data. According to the terms of service and Ancestry privacy statement. The DNA test results and samples are stored anonymously without any name or other identifying personal information. You can also address a request to the company for the test results and DNA to be destroyed.

It is somehow good to know that the company is part of biomedical programs. With your explicit consent, research institutes can be given access to your DNA data. Interestingly, AncestryDNA offers the possibility to download your DNA raw data for use on other services.

Know more about your ancestors for just $59

Instead of $99, the current $59 offer gives a fun and a very reasonably priced way to know more about your ancestors. By having access to the largest database in the Industry, you might well be able to get in touch with relatives in areas you did not even suspect.


Genetic genealogy is a great first step to know more about yourself, your origins, and your ethnicity estimates. For $10 more, you can add an analysis of 25 ancestry traits such as the length of your fingers, the shape of your earlobes, the type of hair, freckles, or iris pattern. All of these physical characteristics are genetically transmitted. The current deal offers to analyze both your genealogy and 25 traits for $69 instead of $129. Be careful; this offer is also limited in time.