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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is, without any doubt, one of the best smartwatches on the market. Real fitness and health powerhouse, it offers all you can expect from a smartwatch. Its manly design will fit both the board or the gym. With so many to offer and the current 23% discount on Amazon, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is a no brainer.

Galaxy Watch 3 by Samsung

Price when reviewed: $329 $429.99


A stylish watch

The Watch 3 comes in two sizes and several colors. The 45mm bezel is more for men, and the 41mm one will suit smaller wrists. It is possible to choose between the bronze, silver, or black color. For both models, the AMOLED screen will not disappoint and will allow choosing from many watch faces to fit the mood or the occasion. We love the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 because it is undoubtedly a marvel of technology, but that could be worn as a daily watch without attracting eyes.

A health power-house

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 offers all you can expect when it comes to measuring your health data. We rated it as one of the best watches for 2021 for measuring blood pressure, but it doesn’t end here. It also provides the possibility to monitor blood oxygen levels (SpO2), stress levels, and an FDA-approved electrocardiogram (EKG), track your sleep pattern…, and much more.

All of the data are stored in the Samsung Health app. which is compatible with iOS or Android smartphones. The app offers a dedicated dashboard to track your health and share the results with your doctor.

A fitness companion

With the possibility to track more than 40 physical activities, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 will not let you down and will always be ready for a jog or even for a couple of swings on the golf course.

The only point the Galaxy Watch 3 falls short is when considering the battery life. With a battery of 340 mAh but with so many to offer, it will be necessary to plan a charge every two days. When considering that the Apple Watch 5 only gets 18 hours, it is not too bad. It may somehow be a little bit annoying when using the sleep tracking capabilities.

A fully capable smartwatch

No need to say that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 also offers the possibility to receive texts, listen to your music and receive a notification. $300 is certainly a high price tag for a smartwatch, but with all of the features offered, we think this is a great deal that will open the doors to a new digital life without compromising your style.

With the Samsung Galaxy watch 4 being just release, if you are just like us, and love to benefit from great deals, you should not hesitate too long. We did not. Happy Valentine!