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Are the Bose Bluetooth Sunglasses worth the hype?

We’ve all grown to love Bluetooth earbuds, but now you just might ditch them and consider Bluetooth sunglasses. This is because they can both be combined into one single package. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Brands are working tirelessly to incorporate audio technology into sunglasses. They can radically change the way you pick up your phone calls and even listen to music. You can listen to your tunes without having to think about whether your earbuds are in place.

You won’t worry anymore about everyone around hearing everything you’re listening to. The speakers on the smart sunglasses are located directly above your ears. Therefore, the sound is radiated to your ears only. However, Bluetooth sunglasses aren’t just created for you to enjoy audio. You also get video options. You get to record different experiences from the first-person point of view. It might sound crazy, but we’ll have a closer look at that.

What are Bluetooth sunglasses?

Bluetooth sunglasses are precisely what you’d expect from the name. They look just like regular sunglasses, but they pair up as both headphones and sunglasses. They’re integrated with microphones, speakers, as well as Bluetooth features. They enable you to play music, make phone calls, and interact with voice assistants like Alexa. You can enjoy all that with your hands free and with your ears unblocked.

The trend is still new. Zungle started it in 2016. They’re the ones that launched the first-ever modern Bluetooth Sunglasses Panther. Bone conduction, the technology used, is also one of their USPs. Before the modern designs, the Bluetooth sunglasses were bulky, not very good-looking, and quite heavy.

They mostly looked like that because, with Bluetooth integration, they’re no longer solely sunglasses. They become electronics. So different functionalities, like speakers and batteries, are put in the arms of the glasses.

Bone conduction is a technology that is quite innovative. They entail tiny vibrations that are released through circuitry that’s within the frames. The vibrations are emitted through your skull, vibrating in your inner ear so that you can hear the sound. Technology has made it possible to create Bluetooth sunglasses that are smarter, less bulky, and they also look a lot more like regular sunglasses than electronics gadgets.

Are the Bose Bluetooth Sunglasses the best?

Bose frames aren’t based on bone conduction. They integrate miniaturized high-quality Bose speakers. Bose open ear audio Bluetooth sunglasses are an excellent option for people who don’t want to compromise with sound quality while preserving their eyes. However, the lack of a quality bass sound may be an issue for boom box lovers.

Also, when the environment is loud, it is somewhat harder to hear the music. Other brands like Zungle Viper that manufacture sunglasses with bone conduction do a better job when you’re in noisy environments. Nevertheless, despite a few setbacks, Bose frames are still better when it comes to certain features. They’re the best when it comes to high-pitched sound, global audio quality, and immersive experience.

There are several different styles of Bose Frames that will fit both women and men. The Alto design is somehow squarish, and the Rondo frames are round in design. They have a retro feel. The Rondo frame is 142 mm, and it’s more convenient for people with smaller heads. The Alto frame measures 148 mm and might be more comfortable if you have a bigger head.

About a year ago, Bose Bluetooth sunglasses would have easily ranked as the best. However, there are many different brands of Bluetooth sunglasses that act as high competition for Bose. These are both non-bone conducted and bone-conducted Bluetooth sunglasses. The following are some of the different Bose models to consider.

Bose Frames Tenor

Tenor by Bose

Price when reviewed: $249.00


The Tenor frames are the most stylish when it comes to audio sunglasses available in the market. They’re rectangular polarized lenses measuring 55 mm and offer a TR-90 nylon IPX2 frame that is water-resistant. The width of the frame is 144 mm, and the depth from the front to the arm’s tip is 144 mm. There are two miniaturized speakers in the audio component.

You can use the frames as a Bluetooth communication device and a music player through the beam-forming microphones. Other features include touch controls, easy access to a voice assistant, and swipe gestures used for audio control. The battery lasts up to 5.5 hours.

Bose Frames Tempo

Tempo by Bose

Price when reviewed: $249.00


The Bose Frames Tempo are another wonderful choice of audio sunglasses. They’re outstanding when it comes to sports. It also has a solid TR-90 nylon construction material. However, they’re much better at water resistance. They’re rated IPX4. Hence, they’re sweat-resistant, which makes them perfect for sports. You get to enjoy 8 hours of battery life from a single charge. One of the most distinguishable features different from other models is the adjustable nose pads that can be swapped. It’s a feature that makes a big difference when you’re physically active.

You will appreciate the 65 mm polarized lenses that are shattered and scratch-resistant. The total width of the frame is 157 mm, and the depth is 172.5 mm total. You can switch the lenses to either Trail Blue or Road Orange, and they come with extra tools. Like other Bose Bluetooth sunglasses, it also has miniaturized speakers hidden in the temple area. They also have beam-forming microphones, like other Bose sunglasses, and easy gestures and assistants like Siri.

One of the other features the Bluetooth sunglasses have that’s worth mentioning is you won’t be blocking out all sorts of noise while out training. That keeps you safe because you’ll be able to prevent yourself from falling victim to dangerous situations, like when you aren’t aware of traffic, among other things.

Bose Frames Soprano

Soprano by Bose

Price when reviewed: $249.00


The Bose Frames Soprano are open ear audio sunglasses that charge rapidly, usually within an hour, and you get to enjoy up to 5.5 hours of continuous listening. Just like the Bose Frames Tempo, they have polarized lenses. They also include shatter-and-scratch-resistant polarized lenses to help reduce glare, block 99% UVA/B rays, and enhance visibility.

The Bluetooth connection range is up to 30ft. Blue Frames Soprano also includes interchangeable lenses. You get either Road Orange (VLT 20%), Mirrored Black lenses (VLT 12%), or Trail Blue (VLT 28%). The advanced Mike system is designed to reducing the surrounding sound of wind and noise and mainly focus on your voice alone.

Prescription lenses for Bose Frames

Most Bose lovers have been waiting for the Bose Frames audio sunglasses to allow the use of prescription lenses. Finally, Bose announced through a marketing email that they’re partnering with Lensabl to sell prescription lenses compatible with the Bose Frames. However, Lensabl lenses on the Bose Frames don’t come cheap. You pay approximately an additional $127 for single-vision lenses, and for premium progressive lenses, the cost is almost $337.

Pros of Bose Bluetooth sunglasses

  • They have a unisex design. Anyone can look good in them.
  • The sound quality is amazing.
  • The lenses are swappable, so you can switch to whatever you like.
  • The Bose Frames Tempo are very comfortable for sports.
  • The nose pads are adjustable.
  • The design is very stylish.

Cons of Bose Bluetooth sunglasses

  • The bass could be better.
  • They do come at a price.

Bose Earbuds Vs Sunglasses

Quiet Comfort by Bose

Price when reviewed: $279.00


We’ve had an in-depth look at the Bose sunglasses. They have numerous functions. You’re able to listen to music or even a podcast without other people noticing. The angle of the speakers is perfect, allowing you to hear life-like sounds, which is more than you’d ever expected from sunglasses. People around you will not be able to hear anything you’re listening to, even if they’re within very close proximity.

In contrast, Bose QuietComfort Earbuds let you hush people around you without having to interact with anyone. They’re an amazing versatile option for everyone, as long as you can afford them. They’re a bit bulky but still very attractive. You can choose either between black or white. The earbuds come with a chunky charging case that you will need to clean often because it quickly collects dirt.

Who should get the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds?

  • Anyone who doesn’t mind spending a little more on electronics would appreciate the value of the earbuds.
  • Commuters and globetrotters should also invest in them because they have impressive active noise canceling (ANC). They’re very efficient in quieting down your environment.
  • Remote and office workers would benefit from the ANC feature, too, since they can also use the earbuds for conference calls.

Who should get the Bose Bluetooth sunglasses?

The Bose sunglasses are wonderful for people who are into physical activity. They’re excellent for cyclists and pedestrians. However, while wearing them, you’re still subjected to the noise around your environment. You get to enjoy listening to your audio thoroughly and still hearing what’s going on around you.

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