Best ketone meters for 2024

We selected three devices to check your ketogenic state reliably and cost-efficiently. Discover the best ketone meters to consider for 2021.

best ketone meter

In a world obsessed with food and diet, it comes as no surprise that quantifying ketones in the blood is as common as measuring blood glucose.

A ketogenic diet was proven to benefit the waistline and metabolic, neurological, or insulin-related diseases. Measuring the state of ketosis requires urine strips of specific ketone meters.

This article aims to provide you with three of the best ketone meters to live healthy while enjoying the many benefits of a low-carb diet.

What are ketones and why measuring them?

Ketones, just like carbohydrates, are sources of energy used to fuel our bodies and brains. When glucose is limited, our body will naturally produce ketones.

During evolution, our metabolism adapted to survive whatever the source or lack of source of energy. Therefore, many studies showed that a high ketone diet (also known as the ketogenic diet or keto diet in short) was beneficial not only for weight loss but also to be healthy.

Best for Blood

Keto-Mojo GK+

Best for Breath

V2 Ketoscan Mini

Best for Urine

Vivoo Test Strips


Best for blood glucose and β-Ketone

The Keto-Mojo GK+ is both a glucose and β-Ketone reader based on eight electrode amperometric biosensor technology. Results are fast and accurate. The Keto-Mojo GK+ was tested in numerous clinical standards, and the results exceed FDA standards. In addition, results are synchronized via Bluetooth with the smartphone companion app. for easy tracking. For less than $45, it comes with a carrying case, 10 ketone and 10 glucose testing strips, and a lancing device with 20 lancets, making it one of the best blood ketone meters on the market.

Keto-Mojo GK+ by Keto Mojo

4.5 stars


Price when reviewed: $49.99



The Keto-Mojo GK+ ketone meter is straightforward to use and set up. The starter kit includes all needed to start measuring the ketone levels and track the ketosis state. Twenty strips individually wrapped are included, and the additional ones are reasonably priced at $59.99 for the pack of 120 (60 blood sugar + 60 blood ketone).

The Keto-Mojo app. will help store the results and use Bluetooth to automatically pair with the smartphone by pressing the “sync” button. The date and time are automatically set. Good to know that the readings synchronize with the Apple Health platform as well.

After applying a small drop of blood on the strip, it takes approximately 5 seconds for the glucose level to appear and 10 seconds for ketone.

Source: Keto-Mojo

Accurate results

The new version of the Keto-Mojo GK+ ketone meter is twice as sensitive as the older version. The company states that the accuracy exceeds the recommendations of the Fodd and Drug Administration (FDA). For blood glucose levels, 96% of the time, the readings will be within 10% of the exact measurement. This value drops to 81% of the time within the 10% range for ketones. If you have doubts about the accuracy of the results, control solutions are also provided to check the device’s calibration.


Best ketone breath analyzer

The new version of the Ketoscan is stylish, portable, and precise. No need to poke your finger and test your blood anymore. The Ketoscan mini offers a reliable way to track the level of ketosis discreetly and efficiently. Developed in South Korea, the device benefits from a high-quality sensor and a convenient app. The initial investment may appear steep, but the device will save money and change how ketosis is monitored in the long run.

V2 KETOSCAN by Ketoscan

4.5 stars


Price when reviewed: $149.99



Source: Ketoscan

Even though urine ketone test strips are a good way to test for ketosis, in the long run, to achieve a true keto lifestyle, there will be a need for blood ketone levels testing or breath analysis.

A convenient but pricey way to track ketones

Finger poking is easily done at home but is a little bit painful (let’s be honest about that) and can not be performed conveniently at work or in a coffee shop without people raising eyebrows. To combine convenience and accuracy, a proper ketone breath analyzer is undoubtedly the best option.

Ketone breath analyzers have to be exceedingly precise, which explains their higher price point when measuring blood glucose and ketones. The V2 Ketoscan Mini works by measuring the acetone level in the breath. Acetone is a by-product of fat metabolism. Therefore, they must be quantified in part per million levels. Hence, the accuracy and price point of the sensor.

For people serious about their keto diet, the initial investment of a breath analyzer will be balanced in just a couple of months when considering the strips’ price.

A well built and accurate device

The V2 ketoscan mini is stylish with a design that reminds of premium Apple or Withings products. The companion app. is also easy to use and very well thought off. It will interface with the device and even tell when to stop blowing.

The level of fat burning is extracted from the amount of acetone in the breath providing real-time monitoring of fat burning and efficacy of the diet and food intake.

To maintain its accuracy, the device needs service every 320 readings. 320 measures may seem low, but it will last at least one year and save a lot of money on test strips and pain on finger poking.


Best urine keto strip

The Vivoo Urine test strips do not quantify ketones’ level but are useful to get a global picture of health. When combined with the app, Vivoo will deliver global information about hydration, urinary tract infection, ketones level, and more. The Vivoo app combines various indicators to improve lifestyle and diet. The strips do quantify ketosis per see but are helpful when taken in a global context.


3.5 stars


Price when reviewed: $18.25



Source: Vivoo

Vivoo urine test strips are not specific to ketones analyses and will not replace a true breath or blood ketone meter. Instead, the company proposition analyzes urine test strips’ results to identify indicators contributing to health and well-being.

After downloading the app and registering the account, the next step is to pee on the strip, wait two minutes for the chemical reactions, and scan the eight color markers using the app. The Vivoo strips do not diagnose conditions but provide a global assessment of your health and how to improve it.

The principle is quite innovative. Each strip display information using the Vivoo scoring system (0-5: weak, 6-9: moderate, 10: great) on:

  • hydration level,
  • infections (by tracking white blood cells in urine),
  • energy,
  • pH,
  • Ketone,
  • Urinary tract infections,
  • Kidney status,
  • Liver status.

Vivoo will then translate the urine information into personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice. Vivoo aims to provide a complete analysis of the metabolism and health status to help people make healthier life choices.

The app will provide advice regarding nutrition and lifestyle. The company recommends performing a weekly test. With Vivoo, we are far from a medical device’s accuracy, but the concept is exciting and part of holistic health management.

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