Biolinq raises $58 million to pursue the Development and Regulatory approval process of their Metabolic Health Biosensor Platform


Biolinq, a health technology company based in California that develops wearable biosensors for metabolic health, has secured $58 million in financing. 

The round was led by Alpha Wave Ventures, with participation from Niterra’s corporate venture capital fund, which is operated jointly with Pegasus Tech Ventures. Existing investors, including AXA IM Alts, Senvest Management, Features Capital, Aphelion Capital, RiverVest Venture Partners, and Taisho Pharmaceutical, also supported the funding. 

Taisho Pharmaceutical has been a strategic partner and investor in Biolinq since 2021. Taisho and Biolinq have signed a collaborative agreement to seek approval for Biolinq’s intradermal glucose sensor in Japan. The agreement includes an upfront payment, and Taisho will have exclusive sales rights in Japan. The intradermal glucose sensor is a device that can accurately measure glucose levels in the body through the skin. This device offers a painless and minimally invasive alternative to traditional glucose monitoring methods, making it a promising solution for diabetes management. Through this collaboration, both companies aim to bring this innovative technology to Japan and improve the quality of life for people with diabetes.

Biolinq has created a wearable patch that assesses glucose levels and physical activity levels by utilizing small electrochemical sensors to measure glucose levels from the intradermal space beneath the skin’s surface. The company will use the funds to conduct a clinical trial on its glucose sensor and submit it to the FDA for approval. The intradermal glucose sensor developed by Biolinq is under investigation and has yet to receive clearance or approval from the FDA or any other regulatory body. This device is designed to measure glucose levels in a minimally invasive manner by being inserted into the skin, but its safety and efficacy are still being evaluated.

According to Rich Yank, CEO of Biolinq, the company “…approach provides access to a coveted, metabolically active area of the skin for biosensing without the need for introducer needles or bleeding…Over the last ten years, our team has been pioneering a new biosensor platform that aims to inform and inspire by reaching more people who require simple solutions to improve their metabolic health.”

Biolinq is a healthcare technology company that develops advanced wearable sensors for monitoring and improving metabolic health. Their innovative biosensor platform is designed to provide accurate and reliable data that helps individuals make informed decisions about their health. Biolinq’s biosensors utilize patented microsensors implanted just below the skin’s surface, enabling continuous, real-time monitoring of small molecules in the body. The platform employs amperometric sensors, which generate electrical currents proportional to the target molecule’s concentration. These currents are measured and transmitted wirelessly to a mobile device, where they are analyzed and interpreted by a proprietary algorithm. This technology offers unparalleled simplicity and convenience, making it easier for individuals to track and manage their health. By providing precise and actionable data, Biolinq empowers people to take control of their health and live healthier lives.

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