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Many people are highly concerned with their weight. It’s one of the most critical health concerns that people face today. According to a CDC warning, several of the most common causes of early death are obesity, including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer. To manage your weight, you need to incorporate prudent, healthy habits into your lifestyle.

One of the essential parts of being healthy is regularly weighing yourself. That’s why a bathroom scale is important. Purchasing a smart scale is the best choice you can make when you are ready to get serious about managing your weight. It will measure your weight and other body composition metrics and send the data wirelessly to an online service or app that automatically records the data.

FitTrack has been developing revolutionary smart scales that use advanced dual BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis) technology. The scales can record and report up to 17 different health metrics. They’re built with electrodes, and once you step on them, an imperceptible electrical current runs around your body.

The current is affected differently by the different body parts, like muscle, fat, and bones. All the data collected is run through a FiTrack algorithm that calculates your body composition consistently and accurately. In addition, all the scales offered by FitTrack are FDA cleared.

What can smart scales do for you?

A smart scale is an essential device that offers you a lot of valuable data. You not only get your weight, as you would with a manual scale, but also crucial data to help you better understand additional health issues you may need to address. Your overall body weight is calculated based on your body composition, including fat percentage, muscle mass, water level, among others.

Smart scales provide information on the percentage each factor has in your body composition. As a result, you get more accurate measurements of your body, which helps you keep track of your health much better.

Each of us has different body goals. Therefore the fitness goals are different. Everyone has their method of diet and exercise. You can quickly check your progress, no matter your fitness goals, by simply weighing yourself on a scale. You’ll get your weight and know all other factors linked to it too. We’ll look at different smart scales by FitTrack and their features in detail below.

Dara Smart BMI Digital Scale

The Dara smart scale tracks 17 metrics, including basal metabolic rate (BMR), body index mass (BMI), metabolic age, body water percentage, visceral fat, muscle mass, protein fat, subcutaneous fat, your actual body weight, and your weight without fat, and much more, all to keep track of your health. Most traditional scales only tell you about one facet of health, but wellness goes beyond your weight. Invest in a smart scale like the FitTrack Dara if you want to get a complete picture. It has a companion app that helps you understand the metrics and keeps a record; that helps you keep track of your progress over time. However, the price is a little on the higher side compared to others.

Dara by FitTrack

4.5 stars

Price when reviewed: $79.00


Key features

  • 17 different body composition metrics. It uses the Dual BIA Technology that utilizes two different frequencies to give the measurements.
  • Has an integrated app for iOS and Android. FitTrack Pro saves your measurements on your smartphone. Monitor the progress of your body’s health indicators. You can also set weigh-in remainders.
  • Weight management. With the help of Athlete & Infant modes, which increase the effectiveness for different types of users, you can be aware that your diet and lifestyle affect different aspects of your health.
  • Up to 8 users per device. FitTrack can recognize individual users and track results for up to 8 people; the individual results are kept private.
  • Uses FiTrack Advanced Dual BIA Technology that offers higher accuracy of measurements.


  • Has infant mode for babies
  • Tracks 17 metrics
  • The app contextualizes measurements
  • Syncs Google Fit Apps, Apple Health, and Fitbit


  • The compact design can’t accommodate large feet
  • No Wi-Fi support
  • It doesn’t have a safe mode for pregnant women and those with pacemakers or other internal devices.

FitTrack Beebo Smart Scale

The Beebo scale has a unique and slimline design. It works effortlessly when it comes to taking your measurements. In addition, the results it gives are relatively accurate. The FitTrack Beebo is affordable and boasts some impressive features, like automatic health tracking over time. It has a different design from the typical boxy appearance that one might find in many other smart scales. It comes in an oval shape plus a clean white design that’s very modern. However, most people aren’t happy that it operates with AAA batteries, which is an added expense most people would do without.

Beebo by FitTrack

4.5 stars

Price when reviewed: $89.00


Key features

  • Has pregnancy mode. It safely measures body weight and helps track the growth of the baby. It’s a beautiful feature for new mothers since other scales usually fail to adjust their readings according to the user’s body type.
  • Family-friendly. The scale automatically recognizes up to 8 users who can create their profiles to keep track of their health and wellness.
  • Tracks all the essential body composition metrics in the comfort of everyone’s home without paying to wait in a doctor’s office.
  • Measures 17 different health indicators, including hydration, muscle mass, and many others.


  • Dedicated pregnancy mode
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Detailed body composition breakdowns
  • Easy to use apps


  • Big feet don’t fit on the scale
  • Uses AAA batteries

Tempo Smart Thermometer

Tempo protects every family’s health by using the latest infrared technology to get accurate temperature readings. It works without the need for physical contact. The lack of physical contact makes it a very hygienic tool for taking ear and forehead temperature readings. It’s a tool needed in every home. The large backlit digital display makes it easy to read the results. You get 1-second testing from the thermometer to know your current body temperature.

Tempo by FitTrack

Price when reviewed: $69.95


Key features

  • Very safe and hygienic. With global health emergencies like the Covid-19 pandemic, hygiene is essential. Most people avoid cross-contamination to reduce the spread of the virus and other bacteria. If one person has some germs, it won’t be transferred to everyone in the house. The FitTrack no-touch thermometer is hygienic and 100% safe.
  • 3 in-built sensors. You get not only one sensor but three ultra-sensitive infrared sensors. They measure the IR energy emitted from the forehead. The sensors collect up to 100 points per second. To give you accurate readings, the environmental sensors and extra distance make necessary adjustments.
  • Has a backlight. The backlight is perfect for nighttime reading. The light is invisible when not in use. At night, it displays the reading in bright white light to help you see clearly in total darkness.
  • Vibrates after finishing measuring. Once the thermometer is done in one second, it gives a gentle vibration.


  • Features an excellent design
  • It can be controlled from your smartphone
  • You can adjust how often it measures temperature and retain that for about a month.
  • The app helps display and share data collected graphically or in tables
  • No physical contact, hence hygienic and safe
  • Accurate readings


  • Must be positioned accurately to get accurate results
  • External factors can affect readings, including direct sunlight, indoor heating, and wind
  • Certain types of clothes like heavy clothes can interfere with the results

Atria 2.0 Smartwatch

The smartwatch is one of the few that offers body temperature measurement. However, it also provides sleep tracking, 15-day standby, and blood oxygen measuring. In addition, it accurately records physiological data with 24/7 data collection. As a result, you get the most accurate and granular understanding of your body.

Atria 2.0by FitTrack

Price when reviewed: $149.00


Key features

  • Integrated app. This app helps you track your progress in an organized manner. In addition, you get actionable guidance to help you achieve your fitness goals.
  • Lengthy battery life. You won’t worry about the daily recharge. It comes with a 25+ day standby battery life.


  • You can track your distance, calories burned, body temperature, and heart rate, among others
  • Can link to a phone
  • Has 17 different sports modes


  • A bit expensive

To wrap up

With improved technology, smart scales, infrared thermometers, and smartwatches are beneficial devices to own. FitTrack has done an impressive job of delivering devices with effective technology to help get more than your body weight. The devices can measure and collect body composition data. You should consider the features a device offers before purchasing one to see if it fits your needs.

Although all the FitTrack devices mentioned above offer unique features, they have some drawbacks. Getting one that fits your needs depends mainly on what you want out of the smart scale, smartwatch, or infrared thermometer. They’re all beneficial for tracking your progress and helping you achieve your fitness goals, and start living a healthier life.

When you are ready to purchase your own FitTrack smart scale, take advantage of the various bundles and discounts the company has available.


Are FitTrack Scales reliable and accurate?

FitTrack scales are FDA cleared, meaning that they comply with rigorous standards regarding safety and accuracy. The scale weight limit is given up to 400 pounds. Compared to the reference method (BOD POD), the measurements were accurate within 0.5-0.8%.

How does FitTrack measure fat?

By sending a minuscule current throughout your body, the scale processor will measure the resistance of the signal. Resistance is directly linked to the water content and body composition. The algorithms used are patented and differ slightly from one company to another.

Can I use a body composition scale with a pacemaker

Bioelectrical impedance analysis works by measuring the resistance through different tissue types (bone, muscle, fat). The current circulating is minuscule and should not interfere with an implanted pacemaker. Somehow, it is recommended not to use body composition scales to be on the safe side if you have a pacemaker.

Can I use a body composition scale if I am pregnant?

The Beebo scale is designed to be used during pregnancy. The currents used are so small that they do not harm the baby. For extra safety, talk and request approval from your OB-GYN.

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