Hidrate Spark Full Review: Be smart with your drinking

We tested the HidrateSpark Steel smart water bottle and found it great to check on your daily water intake. Just download the HidrateSpark app, enter your age, height, weight, sex information, calibrate the bottle and stay hydrated. As simple as that! The stainless steel bottle is robust, and the sensor measures your water intake automatically. By glowing at regular intervals, it will remind you to drink more water. This smart bottle is stylish and useful. An excellent pick to stay healthy and hydrated.

HidrateSpark Steel by Hidrate

Price when reviewed (21oz): $64.99


Water makes up to 70% of our body weight. According to the Mayo Clinic, the daily water intake should be about 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids a day for men and 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day for women. Only 20% of this amount being found in food. The rest should come from water. Not drinking enough water can lead to deadly consequences. In 2013, it was reported that more than 100 elderly died of dehydration every year in the UK despite being in care homes.

Hidrate Spark is a water bottle with a twist. Every year, more than 35 million plastic water bottles end up in the environment. Using a reusable bottle is not only beneficial for your health but also contributes to preserving the environment.

Hidrate Spark Design

The bottles come in different colors (black, brushed aluminum, blue, fruit punch, sea glass) and capacity (17 or 21oz). We tested the 21oz Steel brushed model, and all we can say is that it was stylish and robust. It is undoubtedly a bottle that you will not be ashamed of bringing to the office or carrying with you all day long.

The top cap is easily secured, and we did not experience any leak even with a full bottle. The real innovation is located at the bottom of the bottle. When paired to the companion app, the HidrateSpark becomes much more than a water bottle and turns into a smart one.

A connected and smart bottle

The app is available for Android and iOS and will connect via Bluetooth to the bottom sensor. During the first launch, you will be requested to enter your age, weight, and height. The app. will then automatically calculate your daily water consumption goal.

Using the bottle is easy. Just charge the sensor with the provided USB cable, calibrate the sensors with an empty bottle, and then a full one. The app will show the recommended daily amount and the number of bottles to aim for.

During the day, the bottom of the bottle will light up and glow to inform you when it is time to drink. Notifications will also appear on your smartphone, along with motivational quotes. It adds a little bit of fun to the simple fact of drinking water, and we liked it. We also appreciated that the notifications are not too intrusive.

After drinking, just put back the bottle on a flat surface for approximately 10 seconds, and a brief light will inform you that the amount drunk has been synchronized with the app. We found it really precise, and the sensor will detect the amount of water consumed in the ml range, which is truly impressive.

To add up on the motivation, intermediary goals will also be shown on the app, and trophies are won regularly. It is even possible to share the information with your friends. It becomes entertaining because the app allows selecting the colors and even patterns of the lights. The additional Glow Studio app. provides even more flexibility in defining your own glowing reminders. This way, your bottle will be really personalized. We certainly liked this feature.

To wrap up

Water is life, and the HidrateSpark bottle brings a fun and easy way to hydrate yourself all day long. The bottle is well built, and the numerous functions certainly justify the additional investment. The bottle only works with cold beverages, though. We would have liked to be able also to bring our coffee to the table. Luckily, the application offers the possibility to manually enter your morning tea or coffee to the day’s goal.

Benefit from $10 off

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