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Engaging in physical activity is highly beneficial to our health. Nobody will deny it. It reduces the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, or even cancer. You can gain both immediate and long-term health benefits through engaging in physical activity. Hyfit gear or HYGEAR is designed for use by individuals above the age of 16 who are healthy or interested in improving their health. Combining the fun of resistance bands, sensors, and an app, this clever device may well be your next fitness ally.

Gear 1 by Hygear

4.5 stars

Price when reviewed: $199.00


What is Hyfit Gear?

Hyfit is an all-in-one smart home gym. It is the first home-fitness solution to offer gym standards results and guidance, with minimal space requirements and at affordable rates, providing users with personalized recommendations and continuously updating insights.

The process could not be more straightforward. You order it online and get to enjoy all the powerfully effective workouts at home. The system has smart resistance bands, training videos, and equipment, among others. You get a portable carrying case, and you can carry your resistance bands anywhere you go.

What makes them unique is the sensors in the smart resistance bands. The Hyfit app helps you monitor your progress. Hygear offers an easy solution for 50 million fitness consumers looking to combine Space Constraints, Smart guidance, and affordability.

When you purchase it for $199, you get a premium membership for 18 months. The two main components of the Hyfit system are Hyfit Gear 1, which is an all-in-one workout kit, and the Hyfit app. The app is a personal training app for fitness tracking that guides you on using every part of the training system.

How does the Hyfit App work?

After subscribing to Hyfit, you get access to customized workouts, guided workouts, and many more. You can use the app to learn how to do your band workout or anything else you might want to know. The app tracks the number of sets completed, your calorie burn, total exercise time average, among other fitness stats. All the information is tracked through monitoring the data from your sensors. It keeps you motivated as you’re trying to stay healthy.

It acts as your home trainer. It will notify you when you need to work out to get maximum gains. You get to track your fitness stats in real-time. Some of the exercises included in the Hyfit app include core workouts, HIIT, yoga, kickboxing, strength training, cardio, among others.

With the app, you can track 25 different parameters you would expect from any personal training app. You’ll be able to track all the parameters in real-time, including calories burned, maximum weight used, total repetitions, active muscles, the pace kept, total exercise time, power used, number of sets completed, average time per exercise, among others. In a nutshell, the app acts as the “Netflix of fitness.”

What is included in Hyfit Gear?

The Hyfit Gear is also referred to as the Hyfit Smart Home Gym. The package includes handles you can use to work out anywhere, anchors, and resistance bands. You get a charger, a bag, and customizable resistance bands. They’re so easy to take anywhere that you are comfortable working out from.

The handles are for the resistance bands. They help you grasp them and use them while working out. The anchors in the package can be attached to different places, including door frames. The charger lets you recharge the resistance bands since they have in-built sensors.

Hyfit Gear refund policy

You get limited refunds with the gear within 30 days after you purchase them. You only get a refund if you purchase the gear from HyfitGear.com. However, you have to pay for the return shipping.

To wrap up

The Hyfit workout system includes the Hyfit app and the Hyfit Gear 1 package. You get to track your workout in real-time anywhere and anytime. You’re able to keep track of your workout performance, and it has an analysis of your movement through the Hyfit app.

You’ll get a complete guide and everything you need to kick-start you on your fitness journey. You get the resistance bands, a carrying case to carry the bands, and an introductory premium subscription. It seems like a good deal if you’re serious about your health and would like to experience the virtues of a truly smart resistance training all in one system.

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