Labcorp OnDemand new Digital Health Platform aims at changing at-home tests

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According to Quest Diagnostics, at-home testing will reach over $2 billion by 2025. Covid 19 testing changed the way we deal with a diagnostic test. Leading diagnostic tests companies such as Labcorp aim at how individuals manage their health.

Labcorp just launched a new service that features a collection of its most popular tests, such as its wellness, allergy, COVID-19, women’s health, and fertility tests. According to Amy Summy, Labcorp’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer, “Labcorp OnDemand makes it easier for individuals to access our leading diagnostic tests online. The OnDemand platform is an intuitive experience where individuals can purchase tests online and choose from multiple options to take the test, including in the comfort of their own home.” 

The new platform succeeds Pixel by Labcorp, a comparable service that debuted in 2018 and had four screens for general wellness, heart health, diabetes, and colorectal cancer.

In August, the diagnostics behemoth, Labcorp, announced the acquisition of Ovia Health, a digital health platform focusing on family care that includes women’s health, pregnancy, and pediatric care.

Individuals may use this platform to order Labcorp OnDemand tests online, collect samples from the comfort of their own home, or arrange appointments at one of Labcorp’s 2,000 patient service centers in the US or Walgreens locations.

How does Labcorp On-demand work?

The OnDemand service offers diagnostics for COVID, pregnancy, diabetes risk, sexually transmitted diseases, colorectal cancer, and other conditions. Prices range from $49 for an hCG quantitative pregnancy test analysis or full blood count test to $199 for a Women’s Health Blood test. 

Labcorp OnDemand tests, except for the Pixel by Labcorp COVID-19 Test (At-Home Kit), are paid directly by the consumer and are not covered by insurance. However, HSA or FSA cards are somehow accepted.

The process to order a test is simple. Just browse the Labcorp OnDemand® website and order the test you are interested in. A physician order is required for all Labcorp OnDemand testing.

Labcorp OnDemand has engaged with PWNHealth LLC and its related professional entities to offer physician services. The next step is to visit a Labcorp facility to collect your sample or collect it yourself if utilizing an at-home kit. Once processed, the results will directly be available online.

The tests take place at a clinical laboratory that is CLIA-certified. Labcorp operates a countrywide network of leading clinical and specialty testing laboratories to deliver cutting-edge medical laboratory tests and services. In addition, the partner labs conduct quality assurance testing regularly to assure the accuracy of the results directly available online for easy download and sharing with your physicians.

What does it mean for the industry?

Covid-19 changed the way users deal with lab tests. At-home tests can be ordered directly from websites and kits received at home for easy sampling.

Such as for DNA testing, more and more lab testing companies offer the possibility to collect samples and get results online. Everlywell already offer a wide range of tests. The missing element is mainly in the collecting process. Collecting a few drops of blood at home not being enough for more specialized laboratory analyses.

Labcorp OnDemand digital health platform feels the missing link and allows blood samples to be collected not only at home and also by professionals. This new other is one step further in how healthcare is changing fast and how patients are now becoming an integral part of their health journey.

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