Lively Flip phone brings peace of mind to seniors

The lively flip phone

The Telehealth revolution does not always need to involve deep learning algorithms and breakthrough technologies. A simple flip phone, the Lively Flip, can bring people closer to healthcare and provide peace of mind to seniors and their families.

Best Buy Health, the medical division of Best Buy, recently launched a new flip phone aimed at seniors. The device features a large screen, loudspeaker, big buttons, long battery life, voice services assistant through Amazon Alexa, and telehealth capabilities.


The phone has a dedicated, Urgent Response button to get direct access to urgent care services. More than a medical alert button, it opens the door to numerous services. Highly-trained customer service assistants will assess the nature of the emergency and respond accordingly. For urgent care, GreatCall offers telehealth services including consultations with doctors and nurses.

Image: Great Call

The service also offers the possibility to get a prescription for common medication over the phone. To access the services, there is no need for insurance or co-pay. Once pressed, the agent will check the location of the user and assess the situation. He will remain on the line until the situation is resolved.

The Urgent Care service is provided through physicians working for MDLIVE. We recently reviewed this provider and considered as one of the top Telehealth services available.


GreatCall also offers a service that brings the families closer to their elderly. The GreatCall Link is an amazing way to offer a full service that will bring peace of mind both to the user and to their loved ones. After downloading a free app, family & friends receive an alert directly on their smartphone in case of activation of the Urgent Response button.

Image: Great Call

In real-time, the family members can check the daily activities and location of the user. It is also possible to check the status and battery level remotely. Some will say that this service may be intrusive. We think it is somehow a great way to stay close to your elderly loved ones.

To keep the mind of the elderly active, the phone includes brain teasers and puzzles designed by Posit Science. This company is the leading provider of clinically-proven brain fitness exercises. Focusing on cognition, the games help training the working memory and improve navigation skills.

The Lively flip costs $99.99, and the monthly plans offered by GreatCall start at $14.99 for 250 monthly minutes. The Lively Health & Safety packages start at $19.99 per month without an activation fee for the urgent response service. For $24.99 per month, 24/7 Urgent care and GreatCall Link services are also included.

In the times of COVID-19 pandemics we live in, cell phones are often the only way for older adults to connect with their family. The Lively Flip is one of the first phones concentrating exclusively on the needs of the seniors. The urgent care service with direct access to medical professionals is a great first step to bring telehealth closer to the elderly. Using the Lively Flip, older adults stay connected.

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