MonBaby Sleep Monitor Review: The smart baby monitor

The MonBaby sleep tracker is the perfect device to check on a Baby's sleep while preserving the parents' rest and peace of mind.

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The MonBaby Baby monitor is a smart movement breathing and movement tracker that will connect to your smartphone. The App. is very well thought and will provide information on the baby’s position, movements, sleep patterns, and even double as a night light and digital thermometer. With so many to offer, the price stays very reasonable. The device clips directly on the onesie or pajama and will provide parents peace of mind from infancy to toddler years.

Baby Breathing Monitor by MonBaby

Price when reviewed: $89.99


Baby sleep trackers usually come in several flavors to help parents get peace of mind. Some offer the ability to monitor the cradle visually. The Nanit that we ranked highly among the best baby sleep monitors is one of these. Others such as the Owlet or the Wellue BabyO2 combine physiological data with movement analysis.

These devices usually come at a price. MonBaby Sleep Monitor is different in the sense that despite being smart, it is very reasonably priced and will track your child’s breathing and sleeping position.


The MonBaby is undoubtedly a smart device that offers the possibility to track baby position, temperature, activity, and breathing all at once. Just clip it to Baby’s clothing or diaper, and the data will be transmitted using low-energy Bluetooth to an iOS or Android smartphone. Bluetooth (up to 50 feet) may somehow limit the range of communication which can be an issue if the nursery is not close to the master bedroom.

The MonBaby connects to the companion app, which acts as a dashboard and control center. The position of your infant will be displayed as well as the breathing pattern. If the baby rolls on his tummy, the app will display the information in real-time. Checking the nursery or baby skin temperatures is also a nice perk, even though the device’s real value is more in its ability to control breathing movements.

The MonBaby Dream can even be used for sleep training for a toddler and inform you when your child is ready to get out of the cot.


Light (2.82 ounces) and with a patented clip-on system that will fit any clothing, the MonBaby sleep tracker’s design is well thought and convenient to use. We actually preferred it to the more bulky Snuza SE. MonBaby offers different devices depending on the need for batteries or not. Their flagship product, the MonBaby Dream, comes with a USB rechargeable battery and double as a night light.


The Monbaby Smart monitor delivers on its promises. The sleep patterns and position display accurately on the smartphone. With a lot of bells and whistles, it is undoubtedly an excellent value-for-money product. The only drawback may be the range of the Bluetooth connection.

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