Moona cooling pillow review: Keep your cool at night

Moona Cooling Pillow

The Moona cooling pillow acts as an active sleep environmental control system. Designed to regulate the temperature around your head, it helps to fall asleep, enjoy a relaxing night, and wake up naturally. By controlling the water’s temperature flowing in the pillow pad, Moona is a true sleep e-Health device. Contrary to other sleep trackers that only record sleeping position data without doing anything else, Moona is a fully clinically validated sleeping aid device. At $400, Moona does not come cheap but considering that we spend one-third of our life in bed, it is well worth the investment.

Active Cooling Pillow Pad by Moona

Price when reviewed: $399


Moona cooling smart pillow is the brainchild of a French startup. The journey started as a Kickstarter project back in 2017. The company raised close to $1 million to develop what we think is a really innovative concept. It goes far beyond a simple night movement tracker and offers unique features.

We spend one-third of our life sleeping. One in three adults has insomnia. It certainly makes sense to do everything possible to enjoy the best possible sleep. Poor sleep is responsible for lack of concentration, traffic accidents, and overall poor quality of life. Smart pillows are a tempting solution to improve your sleep and quality of life.

Science proved that temperature plays a critical role in sleep quality. The Moona cooling pillow’s main goal is to use the latest technologies to keep your head cool and your sleep deep.

What is Moona?

Moona relies on the core principle that temperature is key for sleep quality. By regulating the temperature throughout the night, Moona is clinically proven to enhance sleep quality.

As s full sleeping system, Moona divides in three main components:

1. Cotton pillowcase

The cotton pillowcase includes a memory foam layer that accommodates any pillow. It also incorporates a small motion sensor to help the app detects the sleeping pattern.

The nineteen inches wide and around thirteen inches high pad fits any pillows.

2. Bedside pod

The pillow pad connects via a tube to the bedside pod that contains water and sensors. Water flows from the tank to the tubing inside of the pillowcase. It provides cooling effects for the head, neck, and shoulder. Three sensors continuously monitor the brightness level of the room, humidity, and ambient temperature. By understanding the environment, the device will even have the ability to wake you up naturally, just by increasing the water temperature. Like the heat from the first rays of the sun wakes you up, Moona will do the same.

3. App

The iOs and Android compatible app allows the user to control the temperature and collect plenty of insights about sleep quality. The app also gives advice and tips on how to improve sleep. Even though Moona can work independently from the app, the possibility to program the night temperature pattern is a sure way to make the most of the system.

Using Moona is as simple as filling the bedside device with water and pressing a button. Water evaporates over time and needs a refill once in a while. Settings are adjusted either from the app or directly on the stylish pod.

The sensors will detect the room temperature and control the water’s temperature flowing into the pillow pad to keep your head cool throughout the night. To ensure a proper wake-up, the water temperature will be slightly warmed-up before the wake-up time.

Source: Moona

The way your body will react to temperature to ensure the best possible sleep is unique. That’s where Artificial Intelligence will come into play. By combining the temperature data with the pillow movement sensor, the app’s machine learning algorithm will define your unique optimal night’s temperature pattern.

What about the science behind it?

The body temperature varies during the night. Scientific studies proved the correlation between temperature and sleep quality. For optimal sleep, the temperature during the night divides into three distinct phases:

  • Sleepiness: The drop of one-degree celsius acts as a natural trigger for sleep.
  • Restorative sleep: During the deep sleep periods, the body reaches its minimum temperature.
  • Waking up: Just like the morning sun warms our body and helps waking up, an increase in temperature acts as a natural alarm clock.
Temperature and sleep
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Having the ability to control the temperature is a game-changer in the science of sleep. Using sleeping pills regularly will lead to detrimental long term effects on both the body and the mind. Being backed up by numerous scientific papers and clinical studies, Moona is certainly a natural solution to get in line with what your body really needs.

Is it really worth it?

Moona offers a new approach to better sleep. Improving sleep quality using a temperature regulating device is most certainly an exciting approach. Being backed up by clinical studies is also reassuring.

The data stream is processed using machine learning algorithms. It is a great approach to fine-tune the temperature to your individual needs. It certainly paves the way for the development of personalized temperature-regulated pillows.

At $400 for a high tech pillow cover, Moona is an investment. But it is the only active solution to put back your body temperature in complete sync with your sleeping pattern. This clever system does not compare to other cooling pillows such as bamboo ones or gel packs.

We bet that more devices focusing on regulating the temperature at night will reach the market in the coming years to help stay cool at night and enjoy insomnia free relaxing nights.

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