Obe Fitness Review: The 21st Century Online Gym

obe fitness

We all love being fit, and if you are like me, you always find it difficult to find either the time or the motivation to attend a fitness class. My Gym offers such classes, but the times are never the right ones, and as a result, I pay a monthly subscription of $100 for basically nothing.

It is not only a waste of money, but it is really demotivating! However, Obe fitness is an online Gym that may well change the way we train and stay fit. So we gave it a try.

Fitness Apps as a huge market

Digital health goes far beyond wearing a smartwatch or analyzing your ECG. Fitness Apps open the doors to a completely different way to exercise and stay fit. According to Grand View Research, the market for fitness app will be growing at an annual rate of 21.6% during the next seven years. We are not talking about small money here.

In 2020, the global fitness app market generated 4.4 billion USD. The company Valuates Reports is even more optimistic and estimates a revenue potential of 13 billion USD by 2025.

But what are these apps, and why are they so popular? The fitness apps are downloaded on any smartphone and act as personal coaches providing motivation and informational content. They basically fall into two distinct categories: Exercise & Weight Loss and Diet & Nutrition.

lumen main

The Lumen device we recently reviewed fully falls in the metabolism and nutrition category. Analyzing if the body relies mainly on fat or carbohydrates, the device also provides much advice to increase metabolic flexibility.

We personally use it before and after our workout to check if the session has been effective. It is informative and motivating to see that in the course of one hour of exercise bike, our body switched from burning glucose and using fat, which will hopefully lead to weight loss.

What is the Obe Fitness?

Obe (pronounce “obey”) offers a vast collection of on-demand classes. With more than 6,000 of them, including HIIT, pilates, Cardio, Yoga, both live or not, it is straightforward to find the ones that best suit your needs.

The Live classes last 28 mins on average, which is more than enough to have a good sweat and see long-term results on your energy level or waistline. The shortest on-demand class lasts just 5 mins, enough for relaxing and meditating, up to 60 minutes (59 mins) for high-intensity power and boxing.

You can attend the classes lives classes on various devices: smartphones, computers, or using Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, or Fire TV to watch them on a TV screen. Working out on a big screen makes all the difference and definitely adds a touch of motivation and convenience.

It reminded us of Jane Fonda Workout VHS that revolutionized how millions of Americans exercise. This touch of nostalgia brought us back to our teenage years, and we decided to attend the classes live mostly.

It is possible to check the live schedule every day and pick up the 28 mins class you want to attend. As simple as that. Note that the same class can be broadcasted 2 times per day but with a different instructor. This way, you can keep up the training with an instructor to know who will become as close as possible to a personal coach. We liked that as well.

Not that I have anything against on-demand classes, but we all know that we can find one on youtube. Sticking to a schedule and a routine is key to get results. Obé uses the same pastel color scheme relaxing, and the music is entertaining and never disturbing. An important element to keep up.

Depending on the classes attended, minimal equipment is needed. When we say minimal, it is really minimal. A chair, a yoga mat, some resistance bands, or even a suitcase are more than enough to keep you started. There is no need to invest in a fancy piece of equipment that will end up in the closet first and on eBay second.

The instructors are dynamic and utterly sympathetic—no grumpy coach, just nice people that really add to the motivation. We appreciated the cardio training workout with Adam. Even though the class was long, it was a really nice experience that I look forward to continuing.

How much does Obé cost, and is it worth it?

Obé offers a free one-month trial and different types of subscriptions. After that, it will cost $22 every month, $69 when charged quarterly, and $199 for the whole year.

Considering that the subscription gives full access to the 22 daily live classes and the whole on-demand catalog, the pricing is fair.

With the live classes starting at 6:30 EST and rolling out all day long, it is straightforward and convenient to schedule your calendar and stick to them. We noticed that exercising with the same instructor daily was what keep up motivated. We felt we were part of a group of friends, sharing the same objectives and motivation.

Good to know that Obé also offers curated programs of on-demand classes that will last up to 28 days. They target a specific goal (prenatal or post-natal hub) or part of the body (arm, legs, abbs). We tried it even though we have to confess that we did not go up to the end.

To wrap up

Obé aims at offering the best instructors and the highest flexibility when scheduling live classes. We found the on-demand classes interesting, but we really enjoyed being part of a community while attending the live classes.

The intensity of the exercises is enough to get a good sweat and to feel that you have really done some good to your body, but we never ended up being completely exhausted. The free trial is a good way to test if this solution is the right one for you. It certainly was for us.


Is OBE Fitness good for beginners?

Obé offers numerous on-demand classes that fit any level, including beginners. 1098 classes are available for beginners, 1300 for advanced level, and 5221 classes are labeled as open-level. Obé also offers 172 prenatal and 85 postnatal classes.

Is OBE Fitness good for losing weight?

Losing weight effectively combines a diet change to reduce the calories intake and workout to strengthen the body and increase the number of calories consumed. Obe app includes setting a goal. It is then a good way to exercise to be most efficient for losing weight. The company recommends attending 5 classes a week, including 3 strength and 2 cardio sessions. In addition, online classes are a great way to stay motivated and share your weight loss progress with your fitness friends.

What are the best live fitness classes?

Obé is not the only player in this market. Depending on your goals, Gaia is one of the best for yoga, Daily burn and Boya Fitness also offer a vast selection of classes. Beachbody is to be considered for those who want to concentrate on weight loss. They offer a mix of nutrition and workout plans.

Can I cancel my subscription to Obé?

Canceling your subscription is really easy. On your smartphone, just access the menu, access the subscription tab, select the plan to cancel, and click on “Cancel Subscription”. You will still have access during the time remaining depending on the plan selected (monthly, quarterly, yearly). The company does not offer partial refunds for cancellation before the expiration of the plan.

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