OMRON Healthcare announces the acquisition of Luscii Healthtech in a move to boost Remote Patients Monitoring


In a groundbreaking move that underscores the burgeoning revolution in healthcare, OMRON Healthcare has strategically acquired Luscii Healthtech, a trailblazer in the digital health domain. This acquisition isn’t just another corporate merger; it’s a vivid testament to the dynamic synergy between traditional healthcare wisdom and digital innovation, setting a new standard in patient care and preventative health strategies.

OMRON Healthcare, renowned for its relentless pursuit of the noble “Going for Zero” vision, aims to eradicate heart attacks and strokes. The acquisition of Luscii is not merely an expansion; it’s a bold step forward in realizing this vision. Luscii Healthtech, with its roots deeply embedded in innovation and agility, has distinguished itself by tackling the complexities and ever-evolving challenges of the healthcare sector. The company’s ability to cater to over 150 diseases, including chronic hypertensive, cardiovascular, and respiratory conditions, positions it as a linchpin in the future of healthcare delivery. 

According to Prof. Daan Dohmen, CEO and founder of Luscii, “Luscii’s Visionaligns seamlessly with OMRON’s objectives. It’s been our dream for every patient to get the attention they deserve.” 

Luscii’s remarkable achievements in the Netherlands—where it collaborates with about 70% of the country’s hospitals—serve as a beacon of its success and potential to redefine healthcare worldwide. The company’s footprint extends beyond Dutch borders, making significant inroads into the UK, Germany, and several countries across Europe and Africa, signaling a growing recognition of its value and efficacy.

The heart of Luscii’s innovation lies in its integrated care network approach. By seamlessly connecting general practitioners, hospitals, community care, and virtual ward call centers, Luscii has orchestrated a symphony of coordinated care that has led to staggering outcomes. These include an 81% reduction in unplanned admissions for heart failure patients, a 79% decrease in ultrasound examinations and admissions for gestational hypertension patients, and a remarkable 51% reduction in costs in patients with COPD. Such results underscore the transformative power of integrating digital technology with healthcare.

OMRON’s acquisition of Luscii is a clear signal that the future of healthcare lies in the intersection of technology and human-centric care. This partnership promises to leverage Luscii’s innovative platforms and OMRON’s deep insights into the primary care remote patient monitoring market, setting a new paradigm in healthcare delivery. The fusion of Luscii’s agile philosophy and OMRON’s groundbreaking cardiovascular health technologies could be the catalyst to propel the global healthcare system into a new era of efficiency, engagement, and improved patient outcomes.

Moreover, this acquisition reflects a more significant trend toward digital health solutions prioritizing preventive care and proactive monitoring, marking a significant shift in how healthcare providers approach chronic disease management and patient care. The collaboration between OMRON and Luscii exemplifies the potential of digital health innovations to revolutionize the healthcare industry, offering a blueprint for how technology can be harnessed to improve lives and fulfill the most aspirational health objectives.

In essence, the partnership between OMRON Healthcare and Luscii Healthtech is more than a strategic acquisition; it’s a harbinger of the future of healthcare—a future where technology and traditional care converge to create a healthier, more connected world.

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