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The New Owlet Dream Sock Brings Sleep Tracking to Children

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Based in Utah, Owlet, the baby tech company, was founded in 2013 to monitor baby’s sleep and ease the stress of young parents.

Owlet went public on the New York Stock Exchange in 2021 and underwent a challenging ride. Earlier this year, the company had to remove its flagship connected-sock wearables from the market in response to an October FDA warning letter stating that the products were not in line with regulatory requirements. 

An investor class-action lawsuit against the corporation was launched due to this revelation. The lawsuit claims that the company neglected to disclose that the socks required FDA approval before being put on the market.

How did the Dream Duo put back Owlet on the right foot?

OWLET Dream Duo
  • Peace of Mind: Dream Sock provides caregivers with a deeper understanding of their infant’s safety...
  • FDA-Cleared: Dream Sock is the first and only FDA-Cleared smart baby monitor and is intended for use...
  • Track Live Pulse Rate & Oxygen: View and track your baby’s pulse rate, oxygen, wakings, and sleep...
  • Know When You’re Needed: If your infant’s health readings fall outside the preset ranges,...
  • View Health & Sleep Trends: View your baby’s historical pulse rate and oxygen readings in the...

In January, Owlet introduced the Dream Duo, a new newborn sleep monitoring device meant to assist parents in tracking their child’s sleep aged 1 to 18 months.

Compared to the initial smart sock removed from the market, the system made fewer claims regarding the health parameters that it could collect and analyze. 

The Dream Duo is a fully integrated baby sleep monitoring system with a smart sock and an HD camera. 

The Owlet Cam is a smart WiFi baby monitor that broadcasts secure, high-definition video to the parent’s phone by making the most of a 130° wide-angle view with 4x zoom that also offers the possibility to monitor room temperature, temperature, and background noise in real-time.

If one of the preset parameters gets out of the predefined range, parents will receive an alarm directly on their smartphone.

To help children sleep better, the smart sock will record sleep quality indicators such as wakings, heart rate, and movement during sleep. 

The Owlet Baby Monitor is designed to operate even without WiFi access or if the WiFi connection is interrupted.

The Smart Sock connects to the provided Base Station through Bluetooth and will provide colored lights and audio if parameters are out of normal range.

The New Owlet Dream Sock Plus goes one step further

Leveraging on the success of their smart socks, Owlet has expanded its product line to include young children with the introduction of the Owlet Dream Sock Plus, meant for children up to the age of five. 

The Dream Sock Plus is intended for children ranging in age from newborn to five years of age or up to 55 lbs. When using the Owlet socks, Parents can better understand their child’s sleep patterns as they get older.

The Dream Sock Plus is designed to fit comfortably around a child’s foot, and parents may monitor sleep quality indicators such as wakings, heart rate, and movement using the Dream Sock Plus App. 

The Dream Sock Plus talks with a nearby Base Station through Bluetooth and then delivers the information to the Owlet Dream App over WiFi using the Owlet Dream App (available for free on iOS and Android). 

Additional functionality includes communicating the baby’s sleep status to the bedside Base Station and the free Owlet Dream App (available for iOS and Android devices). Both will alert parents when their child may need an extra cuddle to sleep peacefully. The Owlet Dream App also allows parents to check on their child’s sleep pattern, sleep history, and general quality of sleep, among other things.

Technology, which was created to provide insights into a child’s sleep, can be worn around the child’s foot or ankle. 

The app also contains information on a baby’s first 18 weeks of life and a sleep learning program for youngsters up to the age of one year.

The Dream Sock assists in better understanding children’s sleep patterns and determining when to aid them in getting better sleep.

Through the use of the Dream App, it is even possible to chat with an Owlet Care Concierge who will help provide guidance and insights to enhance your child’s sleep.

OWLET Dream Sock Plus
  • Track your baby’s sleep trends. The Dream Sock is worn for every nap and bedtime and uses...
  • Receive a personalized sleep program. From 4-12 months old, access Owlet’s award-winning sleep...
  • Review how long & how well Baby slept. See a breakdown of each of your baby’s sleep sessions and...
  • Build skills with weekly expert parenting tips. From 0 to 18 weeks old, build skills and confidence...
  • Use sleep data & expert tips for better sleep. View your baby’s sleep data and helpful sleep tips...

To wrap up

Owlet is the perfect example that clever technology can also be revived despite adapting the product, app, and claims to the regulatory requirements.

With the Dream Duo and the Dream Sock Plus, currently only available in the US, Owlet went one step further in offering parents a smart wearable technology that may change the way parents apprehend their baby’s sleep and help in giving them peace of mind.

Reviews from users are primarily positive, and we hope that the worries of the past will remain bad memories for a company that may well change how parents look after their baby’s sleep.

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