Pivot Breath Sensor Review: The digital Smoking Cessation Device

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Pivot offers a complete smoking cessation program, including a carbon monoxide breath analyzer, access to human coaches, nicotine replacement therapies, and a supportive community. For a reasonable price, this FDA-cleared device and holistic approach have proven effective. No doubt that the road will be tough. Rome was not built in one day. Smoking Cessation is a challenging journey, but Pivot is undoubtedly one of the first steps to take.

Smoking Cessation Program by Carrot

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Price when reviewed: $149.00


Did you know that 34 million Americans smoke regularly and that 16 million of them live with a tobacco-related disease? More than a bad habit, 500,000 people die every day from the consequences of tobacco. To put it into context, this is the equivalent of three 747 jumbo jets crashing every day. So yes, every single day, more than 1,300 lives could be saved.

To stop smoking is hard. Really hard! We all know it. Smoking is probably one of the most problematic habits to break. You can trust me on that. Tobacco was responsible for my heart attack when in my thirties! For the rest of my life, I will gob pills and visit my cardiologist every quarter. Not fun!

David S. Utley, M.D is a man on a mission. This Harvard Medical School-educated otorhinolaryngologist founded Pivot to help people stop smoking and get back to total health. More than a device, Pivot offers a complete cessation program including a Carbon Monoxide Breath-analyser, Personal coaching through the app, access to Nicotine replacement therapies, and access to a supportive community.

Carrot, Pivot’s parent company, was chosen as one of the most innovative companies in the 2020 Fast Company ranking. Founded in 2015 and incorporated in Redwood City, California, the company received more than $30 million in Venture Capital Funding. Interesting to know that the lead investor was Johnson & Johnson. With such support, there is minimal risk that the company will disappear in the middle of your journey towards cigarette freedom.

Pivot Breath-Analyzer

There are currently numerous breath analyzers in the digital landscape, each targeting different chemical elements and serving different purposes. For example, Lumen tracks carbon dioxide for hacking your metabolism, FoodMarble concentrates on nitrogen for digestion analysis, and KetoScan focuses on Ketones.

Carbon monoxide (COHb) is the main by-product of smoking cigarettes. The levels of COHb in a smoker’s bloodstream can reach up to 20%, with severe potential health consequences. In non-smokers, the average level is just 1%. Elevated Carbon monoxide can lead to heart attack, headache, nausea…and much more.

The Pivot Breath analyzer is a small device that fits in the pocket. It connects via Bluetooth to iOS or Android smartphones and allows tracking the levels of COHb in the exhaled breath. Just switch it on, connect it to your phone and exhale deeply. The level of carbon monoxide will appear on the device and synchronize with the app. This way, it is possible to obtain an objective measure of your exposure to cigarette smoke.

This real-time feedback can induce a positive feedback loop to help change your behavior and reach your smoking cessation goals.

Personal Coaching

To help during any cessation program, whether for smoking, overeating, or drinking, support is critical. Through its app, Pivot offers access to personalized coaching. With immediate access and complete privacy, the Pivot app gives the possibility to get advice and support. More than just a medical gadget, Pivot is a comprehensive smoking cessation and follow-up program. Accessing human coaches is undoubtedly a big help that provides much more results than an automated chatbot.

To prevent relapse, it is even possible to access your coach for up to 6 months following the end of the program. The design of the app. is human-centric. There are no fancy gimmicks here, just a well thought companion app that shows what you need to succeed.

It is even possible to order Nicotine replacement therapies, such as gums or patches, directly from the app. Once ordered, they will be delivered directly to your doors. It may seem like a small thing, but you certainly do not want to experience any unexpected nicotine cravings while trying hard to stop smoking.

Full access to a Community

Communities act as positive reinforcements. We appreciate the possibility of accessing a community of people engaged in their smoking cessation program. You may feel lonely watching TV, and after a couple of glasses, we all know what happens. You will rush to the nearest gas station and buy a pack of cigarettes.

Accessing a community is not only a way to make new friends, but it also allows you to share small victories and even your doubts. Positive reinforcement is a critical part of the journey, and Pivot’s community is a great way not to feel alone.

Efectiveness backed by Scientific studies and FDA cleared

In October 2020, Picot published a study in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR). The study included 234 smokers willing to quit. In addition, 73% of the participants said that seeing their Carmon monoxide level made them want to quit.

In addition, 41,1% of the program followers reported that after 12 weeks, they successfully reduced the number of daily smoked cigarettes. In conclusion, using the Pivot Breath Sensor significantly increased the motivation to quit and reduce daily smoked cigarettes.

The company’s carbon-monoxide sensor is FDA cleared and even extended the first designation obtained in 2017. Pivot is currently the only over-the-counter FDA-cleared device for smoking cessation. In another study published in 2018, the company also reported that the program was well accepted and increased motivation as early as nine days after starting the program and using the device.

How much does Pivot cost?

The device, including access to the app, personal coaching, and community, comes at less than $150. For less than 18 packets of cigarettes, it is now possible to break the chain and reduce health risks. According to the CDC, quitting smoking leads to positive health benefits at any age and does not depend on how long you have been smoking.

Pivot may well be the turning point digital health solution to start a healthier life and spend money on things you enjoy doing with your family and friends.

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