Qardiobase 2 Review: Smart and Stylish

The Qardiobase 2 smart scale may not be as new as some of its competitors but is still a very serious contender when looking for a smart and stylish scale that will fit any modern bathroom. Using the Qardiobase 2 feels like being transported into a futuristic movie.

This article will detail what you should know about Qardiobase 2 and provide the keys to making a fully informed decision.

Qardiobase 2
  • FULL BODY COMPOSITION: QardioBase2 measure your weight (lb, kg), calculates BMI and tracks changes...
  • EASY SETUP: Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connected from a free Qardio app. Works on any surface, anywhere....
  • SYNCS WITH YOUR FAVOURITE APPS: including Apple Health, Samsung Health, My Fitness Pal, Google Fit...
  • NO BATTERIES NEEDED: after an initial charge with USB cable (included), the power lasts 12 months....
  • MULTI-USER FRIENDLY: auto user detection - just step on, QardioBase recognizes up to 8 unique users....


If there were to be a single strong point to choose for the Qardio, it would undoubtedly be its design. Its minimalist design is striking. The 13.4 inches glass circle is thin (0.9 in.) and certainly does not look like a standard squarish bathroom scale. Instead, the scale fits perfectly on the floor and will ensure accurate readings.

The Qardiobase 2 is available in Arctic White (like the original Qardiobase) and Volcanic Black as well. Contrary to most scales, the readings rely on a set of Green LEDs directly integrated into the frame and contributing to the stylish and modern design. An additional perk is a haptic feedback feature that will initiate a gentle vibration once the measurement is completed. 


The QardioBase 2 includes a micro-USB-powered rechargeable battery. The USB to micro-USB cable is, of course, included. The company claims that the battery will last one year of normal usage, which should give you or your family members plenty of opportunities to use the scale and stay in great shape.

It connects to the Qardio app through wifi and Bluetooth to share your measurements. As a real smart scale, the weight and body composition can be shared with numerous apps to keep track of the weekly progress.

Once the measurements (weight and Body Fat Percentage) are done, the result will appear directly on the scale using the LEDs array. A digital Smiley (happy, unhappy, or neutral) can also be selected if you do not want to look at the digits and prefer a motivation factor (Smart Feedback) to let you know if you are on track with your weight loss expectation or not. 

For those wearing a pacemaker, the Qarbase 2 allows switching to weight measurement mode only, limiting the risks of the micro-currents emitted through the body for analyzing the body composition.

The scale comes with a free app compatible with iOS and Android. With each device coming with its App, concentrating all the data in a single app is very convenient. In addition, the Qardiobase 2 offers a smooth synchronization with a wide range of popular Apps. including Apple Health, Samsung Health, MyFitnessPal, Google Fit, Alexa, and Siri. As a wireless smart scale, Bluetooth 4.0 or wifi must be enabled to connect to a smartphone or an iPad if you prefer.

Body Analyzer

Body Composition is becoming a standard feature. The Qardiobase 2 allows measuring the weight and the Body Mass Index (BMI), % body fat, muscle mass, bone mass, and water composition. In addition, the data and their evolution are displayed on the App as a graph for easy follow-up.

Pregnancy Mode

For pregnant women, the App offers a mode dedicated to following the weight gains during the pregnancy and even adding pictures to the measurements—a great way to keep memories for the years to come.

A complete App and a family orientated smart scale

The free Qardio app. is complete and will certainly help in achieving your fitness goals. However, nothing is ever perfect, and some missing metrics such as the evolution of the muscle mass may be a disappointing point for some. 

The Qardiobase 2 is indeed a smart scale for the whole family. It can automatically record the metrics of up to 8 members and accurately detect them without the need to toggle the settings. 


The Qardiobase smart scale measures the body weight from 9-396 pounds (5-180 Kg) with 0.2 pounds (100g) accuracy. Its quality of measurements based on four different sensors is excellent and relies on built-in algorithms. Each company uses its metrics and calculation methods, so a slight difference may be found even though what truly matters is the trend of the results.


The Qardiobase 2 is a premium smart scale. Its design built quality, and companion app will not deny this fact. Overall the product is very well thought. Using a Smart Feedback (smiley) to show the results instead of a potential demotivating series of digits is just one example of how well this product was conceived.

Even if the Qardiobase 2 is undoubtedly a great leap forward compared to its predecessor, this smart scale is already nearly four years old. However, technology has evolved a lot, and it is now possible to find a competent, smart scale for less than $50. 

Its tag price in the $150 range makes it comparable to the Garmin Index S2 or the Tanita RD-953 that is FDA cleared and comes with additional indications such as the Muscle Quality analysis or Metabolic Age. 

What do the users think?

Overall, the Qardiobase 2 smart scale received a four stars rating on Amazon which some customers were complaining about the set-up process, which is somehow relatively straightforward.

Pros and Cons


  • Slick and stylish
  • Accurate weight measurement and body indexes
  • Easy to use
  • Synchronize with numerous third-party apps


  • Price
  • Already four years old

Final Verdict

The Qardiobase 2 is an excellent smart scale that we rated highly in our analysis of the Best Smart Scales for 2021. Its design, features, and accuracy make it one of the best products currently available. But all these qualities come with a premium price.

Depending on your budget, you may consider cheaper options, but if merging design and technology is something you value, so the choice is clear. You can go with the QardioBase 2 in total confidence.

Qardio also offers an attractive bundle, including the Qardiobase 2 and the Qardioarm wireless blood pressure monitor. An excellent way to store your data in the same App.

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