Wearwiz offer a $150 Discount on its Blood Pressure Doctor Pro Smartwatch

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At Digital Health Central, we love good deals, especially for trusted products.

Last year, we reviewed the Wearwiz BP Doctor Pro blood pressure smartwatch and found it very convincing despite a band size that will not fit everybody. Its goal is to combine the best of the two worlds: a smartwatch and an accurate blood pressure monitor.

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BP Doctor Pro by Wearwiz



The Wearwiz BP Doctor Pro relies on the same inflatable cuff technology that can be found in the automatic blood pressure monitor that can be food in at-home blood pressure devices.

Accurate Blood Pressure Monitoring is still a difficult task for smartwatch makers that rely on photoplethysmography and use algorithms to estimate the diastolic and systolic blood pressures.

During our tests, we confirmed that the Wearwiz device delivered blood pressure measurements very close to the ones we collected with a high-end Omron blood pressure monitor.

By miniaturizing the technology, Wearwiz has been able to offer a product that is highly portable, accurate, and goes the extra mile by offering fitness and health features such as:

  • Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring,
  • Blood Oxygen Saturation,
  • Sleep tracking and analysis of the sleep cycles,
  • activities tracking

Check our full review of the Wearwiz BP Doctor for more information. 

To celebrate Independence Day, Wearwiz make the BP Doctor more affordable and offer a $150 discount. Blood Monitor Smartwatches are still a rare breed, and the BP Doctor is certainly a device to consider if you want to be able to check blood pressure while on the Go.

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