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Wellue offers a full range of medical devices for both home or medical settings. From oximeters to blood pressures and electrocardiograms. Discover the full range of products, now at a discount.


Wellue is a reliable company that has been around for numerous years, focusing on developing medical devices. The devices provide modern solutions to tracking diseases and monitoring the health of the whole family. They offer medical-grade accuracy.

They are also known to be very consumer-friendly as well. Professionals can benefit from the wide variety of innovative medical devices as well. The perfect time to stay healthy! We are glad to offer you a special 10% discount on all of their products.


Wellue has multiple products in this category that help with the monitoring of oxygen saturation levels. The products include O2 Ring Continuous Ring Oxygen Monitor, SleepU Wrist Oxygen Monitor, Sleep Apnea Oxygen Monitor, Checkme O2 Max Wrist Oxygen Monitor, KidsO Pediatric Oxygen Monitor, BabyO2 Baby Oxygen Monitor, Oxylink Remote Oxygen Monitor, and Checkme Pod Wireless Oximeter with Thermometer.

Wellue baby heart rate and oxygen monitor

The Wellue O2 Ring is one of the most popular in this category. It has many impressive features. It is designed to track oxygen levels in your body continuously. When your oxygen levels drop and an abnormal heart rate is detected, the oxygen monitor will vibrate silently immediately after any detected problems.

It can help people who have asthma, snoring, sleep apnea, pneumonia, and COPD. Some of the great features offered by the O2 Ring include:

  • It tracks your heart rate and oxygen levels continuously throughout the night, ensuring your health and wellbeing as you sleep.
  • The sleep monitor has a built-in silent vibration alert system. It vibrates when it detects your blood oxygen saturation is low. It’s noise-free, so it won’t disturb you when it’s not necessary.
  • The pulse oximeter is FDA-registered and trusted by clinics. Therefore you can expect highly accurate results when using it.
  • It’s linked to an app that’s available for both Android and iOS. You get a detailed analysis of your blood oxygen levels, body movements, and heart rate overnight. All the information is recorded in 4-second intervals.
  • All the data recorded overnight can be easily shared with your doctor. The reports can be exported in detailed CSV or PNG reports. Your doctor will be able to analyze your results further.
Wellue O2ring review

Ultrasound Devices

The Wellue BabyTone is for pregnant women made to help them listen to their baby’s heart. It comes with the gel as well. It’s designed to detect and listen to the fetal heartbeat. Among the features it offers include:

  • A free Android and iOS app can connect the device to the app via Bluetooth to save, review, and share the records.
  • The results it offers are very accurate. It has a 2.5 MHz fetal Doppler probe that has an extended faceplate. It helps with providing more accurate measurements and a much-simplified positioning operation.
  • It can professionally record and track your fetal heartbeat during the whole pregnancy cycle from the start of your 12th week.
  • The large TFT and LCD screen offer you a large display and multiple display modes. You’re able to see precise readings either in waveform or digit.
  • The sounds are clear and enabled by the intelligent noise reduction unit. You get clear sounds without the interference of outside noises. You also enjoy a built-in speaker and a headphone port to help you carry out different demands.

Electrocardiogram Devices (EKG)

It’s essential to keep track of your heart rate from time to time. An EKG device will help detect Arrhythmia, Atrial Fibrillation (AF), Tachycardia & Bradycardia, heart pause, and Premature Ventricular Contraction (PVC). The following products are some of the Wellue EKG (ECG) category options: the DuoE Wearable EKG Monitor, personal EKG monitor, and a Strap-free Heart Rate Monitor.

One of the best products is the Personal EKG Monitor. It has a noise-free feature and offers a medical-grade EKG. The test can be administered anytime and anywhere as well. The size is very convenient, making it easily portable. It’s almost the size of a credit card and comes in with an in-built memory. Some of the key features included are:

  • It has Lead I, Lead II, or chest Lead. It diversifies the measurements to meet the needs of each individual. Lead I is tiny, and that’s why it offers you all three. The record durations vary between 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and 5 minutes. The external cable is specifically made to sample noise-free EKG signals.
  • The external cable, as well as the electro pads, comes in handy. This is because it can be challenging to receive high-quality EKG signals when your arms I’m trembling or if your skin is dehydrated. You enjoy the noise-free EKG without any disturbance in any case.
  • You’re able to manage your EKG from your phone app, both for Android and iOS. The app has unlimited storage where you can check your reports and also share them whenever you wish.
  • It has both single and dual-used modes. Therefore data for more than one person can be stored effectively and kept for future references.

Blood Pressure Monitors

There are different blood pressure monitors specially designed to offer you convenience while on the move. The blood pressure monitors are very portable and can provide you with all the insight you require about your heart whenever you feel possible. The devices that help with this from Wellue include the Blood Pressure Monitor with an oximeter, AirBP Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor, Fully Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, and Smart Blood Pressure Monitor with EKG.

One of the devices that is worth considering is the Blood Pressure Monitor with Oximeter. Despite costing a bit more than the rest, it has some features that you’ll truly appreciate. They include:

  • The blood pressure monitor is non-invasive, and it also comes with an oximeter to check your oxygen levels. You’ll comfortably get your results, and the readings are very accurate as well.
  • It has a sleek design that is very small in size, lightweight, and easy to use for anyone.


You can never go wrong in choosing Wellue products for your different medical needs. The devices help you keep track of your body’s activities and your health in general.


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