Best Digital Health Black Friday Deals

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Black Friday deals are everywhere, and now is the best time of the year to save money and benefit from great deals.

Digital Health technologies are often complex and expensive. So black Friday is the perfect time to treat yourself or for the money conscious to buy Christmas presents.

We selected seven products in different categories. The products are some of the best on the markets, but the respective companies offer special Black Friday discounts that we found good.

More than providing you with a long list, we focused on At-home Genetics Tests, Sleep Trackers, Metabolism trackers, and digital stethoscopes only. This way you know which ones we think are the best and the best only.

At-home Genetics Tests

Nebula genomics review

Nebula Genomics

This is no secret that we especially appreciate the whole genome sequencing test provided by Nebula Genomics. You can read our full review of their test. In addition, from November 26 until November 29, benefit from a $100 discount on the 30x Deep Test Kit (Check on Nebula Genomics website.) Also, until November 30, save $50 on their Basic Whole Genome Test when using Code SAVE50. Finally, until November 30, save $500 on their Whole Genome Sequencing with lifetime membership.

Whole Genome Sequencing by Nebula Genomics

4.5 stars

Black Friday Deal: From $50 up to $500 off



Embark offers numerous genetic tests to know more about the genetic make-up of your dog. Check on our review. Until November 28, save up to $64 on an Embark Dog DNA Test.

Dog DNA Tests by Embark

Black Friday Deal: Up to $64 off


AVA Fertility Tracker

AVA is a clever fertility tracker that will help in defining the five most favorable fertile periods. Relying on clinical studies, AVA is an excellent fertility tracker that will increase the chances of conceiving. AVA is the first FDA-cleared fertility tracker currently available. Check on the AVA website and benefit from $50 off with code FERTILITY50.

Ava by Ava Science

4.5 stars

Black Friday Deal: $50 off


3M Littmann CORE Digital Stethoscope

Eko and 3M Littmann have teamed up to create a cardiology-grade digital stethoscope that combines the best of both worlds. To use the enhanced listening modes, active noise cancellation, and connect to the Eko software on a tablet or smartphone, click the toggle to convert to digital mode. In addition, for simple annotation and sharing, up to 120 seconds of phonograms can be recorded. Check our full review of what is probably the best digital stethoscope currently available.

The 3M Littmann CORE Digital smart stethoscope has an 8-hour battery life and all the features you’d expect from a quality smart stethoscope. Without a doubt, the best electronic stethoscope on the market right now.

For Black Friday, benefit from $50 Off (nearly 15%) and a free case.

Digital Stethoscope by 3M Littmann Core

4.5 stars

Black Friday Deal: $50 Off + Free Case


Lumen Metabolic Tracker

All creatures, including humans, break down the food they eat to create energy and live. Carbohydrates and fat are the two significant sources of energy. Lumen is the first portable metabolic tracker that measures carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in your breath to determine whether you’re burning fat or carbs for energy.

The accompanying app offers helpful tips on balancing nutrition to stay healthy, lose weight, and achieve exercise objectives while keeping a consistent energy level.

The Lumen team created a gadget to monitor metabolic health and promote good eating habits by merging chemistry and nutrition sciences. Lumen is simple to use and will quickly become a part of your everyday life.

Check our full review and benefit from $40 off on the 12 months plan.

Lumen by MetaFlow

4.5 stars

Black Friday Deal: $40 Off on the 12 months track program


Wellue O2 Ring

Wellue O2ring review

The Wellue O2ring oxygen monitor analyzes blood oxygen levels in real-time to detect sleep apneas and can gently wake you up if a predetermined threshold is exceeded. Because of the ring’s shape, it may be worn while sleeping without causing any pain.

It continuously monitors aberrant heart rates and blood oxygen saturation. Check our full review.

For Black Friday, Wellue offers 20% on the O2 ring and its whole range of products. An offer not to let go. Use code FRIDAY20.

O2ring by Wellue

Black Friday Deal: 20% Off on their whole range of products


SleepOn Sleep Tracking Ring

Sleepon go2sleep

Go2Sleep isn’t your typical sleep ring. It is, however, a true sleep powerhouse, including the majority of the data required to track sleep correctly. The basic concept is simple: wear it as a ring with the sensor component within your palm. The ring will not become trapped in the bedsheet or pillows this way.

Go2Sleep is more than a blood oxygen monitor; it uses sensors and a companion app to give a comprehensive study of how individuals sleep and evaluate a variety of physiological indicators.

Check our review and benefit during Black Friday of 10% Off when using the code BF10.

Go2Sleep by Sleepon

4.5 stars

Black Friday Deal: 10% Off


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