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Can Nutrisense CGM help lose weight and be healthy?


The world is full of nutrition and weight-loss programs that promise to help lose weight quickly and with minimum effort.

For those who have been struggling with their weight, I am part of it; we know that it is far from easy to shed even a couple of pounds and that physical activity and strong will are needed.

New technologies now offer ways to control the metabolism at different levels better.

With the possibility to detect what fuel, carbohydrates or fat, the body is running on, Lumen metabolic tracker is a simple way to collect valuable measurements.

Nutrisense goes one step further and brings Continuous Glucose Monitoring to their personalized nutrition program. 

Is the Nutrisense system on the verge of reinventing personalized nutrition and weight loss? This is what this article will aim to find out.

What are the benefits of a continuous glucose monitor?

A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is a tiny gadget that continually monitors your glucose levels in real-time. The CGM is fitted at the back of the arm and will measure the blood glucose level every 15 minutes for 14 days without the need for replacement.

Scanning the gadget with a phone makes it possible to monitor the glucose levels changes in real-time and in reaction to various variables such as diet, exercise, stress, and sleep. 

Continuous Glucose Monitors are available and reimbursed according to strict criteria even though, in 2018, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) increased Medicare coverage for CGM devices, which led to enhanced scrutiny of the health care providers.

Continuous Glucose Monitors automatically detect blood sugar levels under the skin, are waterproof, and can assist in understanding how the body responds daily.

What is Nutrisense, and what do they offer?

The Chicago-based company was founded in 2019 by Alex Skryl, a serial entrepreneur. They aim to “personalize nutrition by leveraging state of the art continuous glucose monitoring and machine learning technology. The company aims to build a diet uniquely tailored to its client.”

In the USA and Canada, a prescription is required to obtain a CGM device. Nutrisense will take care of it for its members. The devices are not covered by Medicaid, Medicare, and Health insurance. Depending on the specific funds, FSA/HSA can cover the Nutrisense partially or fully. Considering the relatively high price-point, it makes sense to enquire before enrolling.

CGM as an accountability device

The programs offered by Nutrisense combine personalized nutrition and Continuous Glucose Monitoring as an accountability device. It can be challenging for anyone, diabetics or not, to understand how an extra slice of turkey (especially when combined with gravy and toppings) can affect the blood glucose level.

We love the Lumen device to understand how our body uses fuel, but a CGM device will provide real-time feedback on the impact of food on the blood glucose level and allow us to react accordingly. The CGM synchronizes the data through NFC communication with the phone, and the blood sugar levels appear on the Nutrisense app. The results are also synchronized with other apps such as Oura Ring, Biosense, Keto Mojo, Apple Health, and GoogleFit.

For people not suffering from any form of diabetes, the use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring may seem a bit extreme. We could not agree more. Most of the Digital Heath companies, such as Dario Health, aim at offering behavioral change solutions. 

In that sense, the Nutrisense approach is sound. Interestingly, all of the plans come with the ability to connect with a personal expert dietitian who will provide coaching on achieving your fitness and health goals. 

How much does it cost?

The programs start at $175 per month, including:

  • 2 CGM sensors every month, each with a 14-day battery life
  • One month of free in-app contact with one experienced nutritionists to discuss food, personal health data, and other lifestyle variables that impact glucose levels.
  • Food monitoring within the app to determine which foods are best for you
  • Personal data visualization and analytics are available within the NutriSense app.
  • Detailed analysis on the blood sugar levels and opportunities for improvement

As with most behavioral change programs, the longer the commitment, the better the results, and the more affordable the prices. 

Nutrisense offers three options

  • $250 per month for a 3-month commitment
  • $199 per month for a 6-month commitment
  • $185 per month for a 12-month commitment

Is Nutrisense worth it?

Nutrisense makes the most of a CGM sensor to extract valuable measurements that may be of interest to fight insulin resistance and open the doors of personalized nutrition.

Improving metabolic health is a noble goal. The Nutrisense system combines the best technologies and access to trained dietitians to make the most of current nutrition science.

Using a Continuous Glucose Monitor for such a purpose may appear a bit extreme, but depending on your health status and goals, such a solution carries a lot of value.

We are somehow skeptical about the use of such a program without the necessary medical supervision. However, when approved by your doctor on an individual case basis and as part of a holistic approach, Nutrisense has the potential to change how people deal with their metabolic disorders. Still, it should remain a medical decision and not be a quick fix to lose a couple of pounds before the summertime.

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