Best smart toothbrush with app. for 2024

Compared to a manual toothbrush, an electric one will remove 100% more plaque around the gum line and provide feedback on the optimal pressure and brushing time. The models with apps go one step further in showing which tooth you missed and bringing fun games for kids to stay motivated. We selected the ones we liked the best! Your dentist will be impressed, and your teeth will shine like never before.

Smart toothbrush

Last updated on January 4, 2022

Brushing your teeth is the first essential step toward good oral hygiene. The American Dental Association recommends brushing the teeth 2 times per day for 2 minutes. We live in a world where all daily objects are getting smarter: our phone, our house, our watch, and even our pillow.

So why not use a smart brush connecting to our phones to improve our oral health? They certainly do not come cheap at a price tag of around $200 for the top-of-the-line models. Are they useful? And which ones are the best for 2020?

Electric toothbrushes are proven to remove more plaques than manual toothbrushing. However, when misused, the rotating toothbrush head can somehow damage the gums. Even if you spend 2 minutes, it isn’t easy to know if all of your teeth have been properly cleaned and on each side. This is where the smart brush head will come into play.

New models come with pressure sensors, different brushing modes and connect with a smartphone to tell you everything you need to know about your oral care routine. For kids, the app offers games to motivate the children and ensure proper teeth and gums cleaning.


Best overall

Colgate Hum smart toothbrush is a winner. With nice colors and an ergonomic design, the Hum is undoubtedly stylish. But it doesn’t end here. The Hum is also smart and will make the most of its associated app. to guide the users in their quest for clean teeth and a fresh mouth. This new electric toothbrush is also reasonably priced at $84.99 and $64.99, available in two models, rechargeable or battery-powered. In addition, the vibrating head (up to 30,000 vibrations per minute) is precise and easy to use. All things considered, the Colgate Hum is undoubtedly one of the best smart toothbrushes on the market.

Colgate HUM
  • Starter Kit includes: 1 smart electric adult toothbrush handle and head, 1 charger, 1 carrying case...
  • Smart toothbrush guides you to brush better: Connected, Bluetooth toothbrush targets spots that need...
  • Powerful sonic vibrations in 3 modes: Personalize your pulse by choosing the vibration level that...
  • Win-win situation: hum your way to clean with our sonic toothbrush and improve your brushing while...
  • Electric toothbrush with timer: Reminds you to stick it out for 2 minutes

As one of the world leaders in toothbrushes and toothpaste, it comes as no surprise that Colgate’s new smart electric toothbrush is one of the best on the market. Hum comes in three colors, pale blue, purple, teal, and 2 formats, rechargeable or battery powered. Hum will perfectly find its place in your bathroom with a slick design and a smooth matte finish.

Hum is light, ergonomic, and very comfortable to hold. The app. is free on the Apple Store and Google Play. Once downloaded and paired using Bluetooth, the app. will track your brushing routine and gives you recommendations.

Colgate Hum App

The virtual jaw on the app will show which areas are cleaned and which ones remain. It will also keep track of the time spent and provide personalized pieces of advice. The app. even offers points and rewards to stay motivated. Data can even be saved in the Apple® Health app.

Hum is a vibrating toothbrush with soft bristles. The small head will easily find its way through your teeth, a perfect cleaning. The heads also include rubber cups for polishing. Colgate also offers a $4.99 subscription service for keeping the heads always clean and effective.

Every three months, the amount is charged, and you will receive a brand new head brush by mail. This service is especially convenient when most users change the head of their toothbrushes only once per year.

What makes this toothbrush so special is that the head is full of sensors that detect, store, and transmit data on how you use the brush. In addition, the rechargeable model offers three brushing modes: normal, sensitive, deep clean, while the battery-powered hum only offers two: normal, sensitive.

The Hum has been welcomed with enthusiasm by most of the electric toothbrush fanatics. With the Hum, Colgate offers a smart, stylish, and very reasonable price product. Well done!


Best for travelers

The Oral-B Genius 8000 is not only powerful but also stylish and really smart. When used regularly, your teeth will be cleaned and any traces of plaque removed. The app. will help track your brushing routine for optimal mouth hygiene. At $145.00, it is a premium smart toothbrush. If we had one complaint, it would be about the noise. As a rotating electric toothbrush, the Genius 8000 is nosier than its vibrating counterparts.

ORAL B Genius Pro 8000
  • The NEW Genius 8000 pairs with your smartphone to enable Position Detection which uses facial...
  • Customizable multicolor SmartRing provides real-time visual coaching on brushing time and pressure...
  • Pressure sensor technology automatically slows brush speed and visibly alerts you to protect gums...
  • 6 cleaning modes allow you to brush based on your needs: Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive,...
  • Smart Travel Case allows you to charge your toothbrush and your smartphone at the same time

The Oral-B Genius comes with a generous package containing the toothbrush handle, three brush heads, a bathroom charger that doubles as a stand/brush storage compartment, a travel case charger that can charge both your toothbrush and phone and a smartphone holder to fix the bathroom mirror for checking your brushing in real-time. It’s a very generous set that will keep you covered for one year.

Good to know is that the brush heads are not identical. One is more dedicated to precise brushing, the other includes a polishing cup, and the last one has softer bristles for sensitive teeth.

Unlike the Sonicare or Hum models that vibrate, the Oral-B brush head rotates. No need to press the brush as hard as you will do with a manual toothbrush. When applying excessive pressure that could damage the gums, a LED ring on the handle will light up. It is beneficial to avoid teeth loosening.

The Oral-B Genius 8000 offers 6 cleaning modes: Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening, Tongue Cleaning, and Pro-Clean Mode.

No need to say that the Genius 8000 is very well built. But, where it really shines is when you pair it with the app.

Not only does the brush will vibrate every 30 seconds to let you know when it is time to change the mouth quadrant, but the app will also detect the position of the brush in your mouth. Just stick your phone on the mirror holder and enjoy smart brushing.

No more excuse to forget the back molars. The app is handy to get good habits and show your dentist how conscientious you have been! The Oral-B Genius 8000 really well deserved its name.


Best for Kids

The Philips Sonicare Kids is the best smart toothbrush for kids. There is no doubt about that. With a fun design, a vibrating head, and two brushing modes (gentle and extra gentle), children will enjoy using it. But most of all, the associated app will gamify the teeth brushing experience. Children will not complain anymore. We bet that they will run to the bathroom to brush their teeth. At $75.99, the price is in line with what you can expect from a smart toothbrush specifically designed for children.

PHILIPS Sonicare for Kids
  • 98% of parents say it’s easier to get kids to brush longer and better.
  • 91% of dental professional parents prefer Sonicare for Kids for their own children.
  • Interactive free app educates and gets kids excited about brushing. Exciting rewards for successful...
  • Better check-ups guaranteed! Patented sonic technology. is 75% more effective than manual...
  • The KidTimer gradually increase to two minutes to help train kids to brush the recommended time, and...

The Philips Sonicare Kids is a connected electric toothbrush specifically designed for children. The designs are fun, and the waterproof handle is very well built. It offers a vibrating head, up to 31,000 strokes per minute, and a battery that lasts up to three weeks.

The handle comes with 28 stickers to let children personalize the handle and make it their own toothbrush. It also offers a timer to brush the teeth for the right amount of time and an amazing app that will change everything.

We all know that it can be difficult for children to brush their teeth long enough or brush them at all! The Philips Sonicare associated app will change how kids deal with toothbrushes. Gamification is the key.

After downloading the app from the Apple Store or Google Play, the toothbrush will easily connect via Bluetooth. Games will help children brush their teeth while enjoying it.

Little animals will mimic the movements of the toothbrush to help ‘Sparkly’ get sparkling teeth. Children are encouraged to brush for a full two minutes and receive rewards within the app to customize the game.

Teeth brushing becomes a fun and interactive experience. The downside is that the phone or iPad must be in the bathroom and may fall or get wet.

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