The Colgate Hum: A very well priced electric toothbrush

Colgate Hum

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The Colgate Hum was our favorite in our review of the best smart toothbrush for 2020. The performances are in line with what you can expect from a premium brain, and the companion app will bring fun into your brushing routine for the benefit of your smile.


The Hum by Colgate has everything you can expect from an electric toothbrush. When compared to the Oral-B models, the main difference is linked to the brushing type: vibrating at 30,000 strokes per minute for the Hum and rotating brush head for the Oral-B. There is no real difference in performance, in our opinion.

The main one being that Oral-B isis notoriously noisier. I usually go to bed late, and my wife sometimes complains about my Oral-B health routine’s noise. At least, with the Hum, your second half will rest peacefully.

The smart brush deal comes in two colors, blue and teal, and comes with a travel case and one replacement head, meaning 6 months of perfect oral health. The hum offers three cleaning modes: normal, sensitive, and deep clean modes. When the aaa battery-powered model only offers two modes, this one being the rechargeable one will offer three different strengths for your brushing sessions.

What makes this smart toothbrush different is the Bluetooth connection with the smartphone app and the smart sensors. There is no better way to improve your oral hygiene than to monitor your brushing habits and improve them for perfect cleanness.

The handle sensors will detect the movements and define if all of the teeth have been properly cleaned. As you are improving your brushing, you will collect smile points to keep the motivation up. Earning points may seem a bit childish for grown-ups, but gamification of routine activities is a proven way to stay on the right track and achieve your dental hygiene goals.

The app will also offer personalized advice, which is always nice. Don’t think that you need to bring your phone with you at all times to brush your teeth. The Hum by Colgate also offers an offline brushing mode. The choice is completely yours.

Despite its really affordable price, I don’t think that this smart toothbrush is badly designed and looks cheap. It is not the case. The curve design and the materials don’t feel cheap. The grip is comfortable, and the Hum looks really stylish.

Do not think though the Colgate Hum has no cons even though, in my opinion, the pros far outreached them. The battery life of one week may appear a little bit low. Considering that the electric toothbrushes rest most of their days on the charging base, it is not a real issue. Just remember to bring the charger with you if you go on long holidays.

The Hum will track your movements to ensure that all of your teeth are properly cleaned, but you will not get feedback if you press too hard on your gums without any built-in pressure sensor. The cleaning feeling provided by a vibration brush head will be different from rotating heads. I guess this is just a matter of personal preference, and you can rest assured that your dentist will be impressed with whatever type of electric toothbrush you choose.

To wrap up, the Hum by Colgate is a modern, nice-looking, efficient, and smart electric toothbrush that makes it one of the best picks of the year.

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