Wellue O2ring review: The Oxygen Ring tracker

Wellue O2ring review

The Wellue O2ring oxygen monitor offers the benefits of analyzing blood oxygen levels in real-time to detect sleep apneas and will even gently wake you up once a predefined threshold is reached. The ring form factor allows one to wear it while sleeping without any discomfort. It records abnormal heart rates and blood oxygen saturation in real-time. At $179.99, this O2 ring does not come cheap but the many benefits offered by measuring the blood oxygen saturation at night in a professional way certainly justify the investment.

O2ring by Wellue

Price when reviewed: $179.99


Sleep trackers come in different shapes and forms. Smartwatch, smart pillow, sleeping tracking mat, or even cooling pillow…the choice to help you sleep better at night is increasing daily.

Even if these devices serve the same “better night purpose”, they offer different technologies, form factors, and capabilities. Choosing the right one is not an easy task. This review aims to shed light on a simple but efficient ring that will hopefully change the way you sleep.

The Wellue O2ring focuses on blood oxygen saturation, also known as SpO2. Blood oxygen saturation refers to the amount of oxygen carried by the red cells, actually by the red cells’ hemoglobin, to provide energy to the organs, muscles, and brain.

Why does monitoring oxygen level matter?

A normal blood oxygen level is above 95%. Values under 90% are referred to as hypoxia and can lead to severe health consequences such as heart failure, headache, and confusion.

You probably know if you snore. Your partner has certainly complained if you do. Mine did! But apart from being bad for your relationship, snoring can lead to sleep apnea and a sudden drop in oxygen levels with all of its health consequences.

Wearing a pulse oximeter at night is a perfect way to monitor the low oxygen episodes. The Wellue O2ring does exactly that and much more.

What is the Wellue O2ring?

In a nutshell, the Wellue O2ring is a smart wearable pulse oximeter designed to monitor oxygen levels at night in a convenient and non-intruse way.

Medical oximeters usually clip at the finger’s tip, making them not practical to wear at night as they will invariably fall. The Wellue O2ring is an oversized ring with a screen on the top. It will easily fit any person or finger without slipping out when you move during the night.

Despite its stylish design, the O2ring is far from being a cheap gadget. To guarantee the results’ accuracy and validity, the Wellue O2 ring is FDA registered and classified as a Class II medical device. It records oxygen saturation ranging from 70–99 percent and pulse rate from 30–250 BPM.

For most people, the extensible silicone ring (2.0” – 3.2”/ 50-82mm perimeter) will comfortably stay on the thumb all night long. For strong men, use another finger or even your pinky. After a couple of minutes, you will even forget that you wear it.

Every second, the ring oxygen monitor will record oxygen saturation, heart rate, and movement. The companion app can be downloaded for iOS or Android. The Wellue O2ring built-in memory record up to 4 sessions of 10 hours and automatically synchronizes via Bluetooth 4.0 BLE with the app once the Wellue o2 ring wearable is removed from your finger.

The app will show, among other metrics, the average SpO2, average HR, and lowest SpO2 recorded during the night. The information can be exported as a CSV/PDF sleep report for easy sharing with your General Practitioner. The app also synchronizes with Apple Health to keep all of your health data in the same location.

Set-up threshold to improve oxygenation and reduce sleep apnea

Sleep apneas may induce a drop in the O2 levels. By continuously monitoring the oxygen level and the pulse rate, the O2 ring can detect low oxygen or abnormal heart rate.

The oxygen monitor level can be adjusted to trigger a silent vibration alarm that will awake you just enough to change position, stop the sleep apnea, and get back to normal levels of oxygen.

The app offers the possibility to adjust the vibration levels and choose among five different settings, from very weak to very strong. This way, depending on the deepness of your sleep, the O2 ring will wake you enough to readjust your sleeping position but without disrupting your sleep.

Final thoughts

The battery life is given for 12/16 hours, which is enough for one full night but hardly enough for two. Even if the ring is easily recharged using the provided mini-USB cable, longer battery life will be welcomed.

While measuring the pulse rate and body movements, the app does not provide details about sleep cycle tracking. Detecting sleep apnea and oxygen levels is certainly useful, but we would have also like to get more information about our sleep cycles. We hope that an app update will expand the sleep report.

Blood pressure can be approximated using the Heart Rate Variability (HRV); this information is also missing in the current app data.

All in all, the Wellue O2 ring is easy to use and offers valuable information to detect low oxygen levels, sleep apnea, and pulse rate. With longer battery life and a more comprehensive app, this oximeter ring would be flawless even if it already has a lot to offer.


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