Does Calmigo really relieve stress?

Calmigo main

It’s a device that emits a lavender scent into the air for relaxation. Other Calmigo scents include peppermint for improved focus and bergamot for increased energy. It distributes your chosen aroma into the air and helps you find relief from panic attacks and anxiety symptoms, and it usually happens quickly.

What is the scientific rationale supporting Calmigo?

Bio-Medical Engineer Adi Wallach, Dr. Orna Levin, MD, and Dr. Avner Wallach, Ph.D. developed Calmigo. Adi’s personal struggles with anxiety caused her to explore treatment, and she wished to calm her body without using medication. In the process, she created a method that combines three primary ways to combat stress to reduce anxiety and panic.

Inventors designed Calmigo to provide one of three types of methods used for stress-relief:

1. Breathing regulation – In an effort to control panic, your Calmigo device has the mechanisms that provide a breathing control process. This respiratory control can help reduce panic levels and calm you down while in the middle of an anxiety attack.

2. Multi sensory stimulation (activates all your senses at once) – It distributes natural substances to a variety of nerves and sensory receptors controlling smell, hearing, touch, taste, and sight. This process helps with increasing mental alertness, and it can lower the cortisol levels that sometimes cause the inability to concentrate.

This multi-sensory grounding also has a positive effect on your mood, which can increase your motivation levels and help you feel like you have more energy. The peppermint and bergamot both help with these processes in addition to the relaxing effect that some herbs can have.

3. Relaxation of the body – The lavender-scented element may calm your body and help you relieve tension. As you reduce and eliminate stress, it also could help you fall asleep. In addition, it may stop your racing thoughts that otherwise could result in lowered focus levels.

Does Aromatherapy really work for relieving stress and anxiety?

Various herbs have long been used in aromatherapy treatments, and some calming scents do indeed relieve stress and anxiety. As far as how they affect the nerves, those studies have shown mixed results. However, combining the right amount with the correct blend of different scents together reportedly makes a difference.

Many people do rely on a combination of herbs for use in multiple healing purposes, and some of them have already experienced some success combating anxiety using aroma therapeutic methods. It does, however, work even better when used with massage, breathing exercises, or stretching.

In addition, certain types of meditation might enhance relaxation promoted by certain aromatherapies. Even patients struggling with pain have managed it using various types of aromatherapy, but one primary application is in stress relief.

Clinical trials validation

More Calmigo clinical trials will come soon or are currently taking place. Some will not end until 2022. But, for now, you can find additional reports on effectiveness that evaluated the use of essential oils historically used in aromatherapy. Additionally, you can confirm a positive effect on the senses and breathing regulation when reviewing data from previous trials addressing this therapy aspect.

In addition, you can find evidence of positive results from using multi-sensory stimulation. Scientists have even tried this technique on dementia patients, with positive reports on nervous improvement generated as early as the 1970s.

After some initial discoveries, multi-sensory stimulation became more prevalent in the 1990s, and it seems to work along with music therapy and other care methods using the arts. This has evolved into possible applications on people who want to improve their mental alertness that sometimes declines during a panic attack.

Numerous studies have also confirmed the effectiveness and safety of the herbal scents used in Calmigo. What’s more, lavender, bergamot, and peppermint are widely accepted within the aromatherapy community.

Is Calmigo effective?

It’s promoted as a device to provide you with results in as little time as possible. Users usually notice a difference after a few minutes, and this calming method is typically used about three times per day. Some people also have found it effective as an emergency form of panic attack relief because it has demonstrated an immediate ability to regulate oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.

Stress Reliever by Calmigo

Price when reviewed: From $179.00



  • Based on proven anxiety relief methods
  • Supported by clinical trials
  • Fast


  • May not work for everybody
  • Beware of potential allergies to scents
  • Scented elements must be bought additionally

How does Calmigo compare to other stress-relieving technologies?

It’s supposed to adapt to the way you breathe, whereas you don’t inhale or exhale like the way another person would. One unique aspect of Calmigo is in how it controls breathing without requiring concentration on counting in between inhalations. Users just hear a beeping sound, and they breathe on queue.

Does Calmigo have side effects?

If using the Calmigo system as directed, most people don’t experience any irritations or minor digestive issues. That said, recommended use is three minutes at a time and three times per day. Do not use it more than that unless advised by a health professional to do so.

If you’re not sure if you should use it to begin with, we advise you to consult a physician for answers before trying it. It might depend on what kinds of other medicinal or prescription treatments you currently use, and the effect also could vary according to your daily nutritional intake.

Keep in mind also this: The Calmigo technology is quite new, and researchers still seek clinical trial participants. However, the herbs used with it have long been accepted as safe for most people. Besides, breathing in various herbs has a different effect than taking it by mouth or applying it to the skin.

Notice also if you were to partake in a clinical trial, those new Calmigo trials that exclude people with severe cognitive impairments. Also, people with untreated bipolar disorder, suicidal thoughts, seizures, or cardiovascular problems cannot participate.

People under 18 years of age and anyone diagnosed with psychosis or delusions also will not be able to participate in this study. Tests might also not include pregnant women.

The exclusion of some types of people is not meant to discourage you, however. The ingredients for most users are safe, and they have helped quite a few people already minimize anxiety attacks. It’s just wise to make sure your primary health caretakers would recommend it based on your medical history.

Final Thoughts

If as we recently check electrodermal activity can be the mirror of the soul, it would certainly be interesting to check the effects of Calmigo when wearing your smartwatch. Calmigo has the benefit of combining well-proven natural aromatherapy methods with digital health technologies. The approach of the company is certainly of interest and we look forward to seeing what the future will hold when aiming at merging Grama’s recipes to common disorders and 21st-century technologies.

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