DarioHealth Continues its Expansion by Inking a Strategic Partnership with Pharma Giant Sanofi U.S.

The year 2022 starts well for DarioHealth Corp. ((Nasdaq: DRIO.) The company announced a $30 strategic multi-year partnership with the American branch of the French Pharmaceutical giant Sanofi last week. 

In 2021, DigitalHealthCentral interviewed Rick Anderson, DarioHealth President and General Manager North America. Rick shared his insights on how DarioHealth aimed to use its Digital Health Platform to change how patients monitor chronic conditions.

The $30 million-dollar deal will last over several years and will help Dario pursue the development and commercialization of its suite of Digital Health Products and Services. In the course of the five years renewable deal, both companies will share IP, aim at developing new solutions for monitoring chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, weight management, musculoskeletal and behavioral health, and will collaborate to promote the adoption of the platform mainly by Health Plans and Employers. 

Such partnership is proof that Big pharmaceutical companies are now engaging heavily in Digital Health and that the disinvestments seen in the previous years are now left behind. For example, in 2019, Sanofi pulled out of its diabetes joint venture with Verily, and Otsuka stopped investing in the ingestible smart pill company Proteus. 

Pharmaceutical companies are on a path to reinvent themselves. The use of digital health technologies and platforms such as the ones developed by DarioHealth is more proof of their renewed interest in managing chronic diseases by leveraging the potential of technology and not only pharmaceutical drugs. 

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