FORM Swim Goggles: The Smart Goggles for swimmers

The Form Smart Swimming Goggles offer a new way to display real-time information to swimmers while training. Performances can also be reviewed offline using the companion app—a smart and impressive device.

form swim googles

The FORM Swim Goggles rely on a built-in smart display to show numerous health and swim metrics to swimmers while in open water. Compatible with numerous smartwatches and the Polar 10 heart band. This clever device is poised to change how swimmers train. Made of high-quality materials and relying on air force pilots’ technology, the Form Goggles certainly deserves their place in any swim bag.

Smart Swim Goggles by Form

4.5 stars

Price when reviewed: $199.00


Swimming has many health benefits. It builds endurance, tones the muscles, strengthens your heart. All of that in a fun, low impact for the body and refreshing setting. Statista estimated that in the United-States, nearly 28 million people swim for fitness. Smartwatches or fitness trackers are great devices for tracking healthcare, but they may be hard to use when swimming.

The company FORM was founded in 2016 by Dan Eisenhardt, a serial entrepreneur and competitive swimmer who not new to the world of heads-up display for sports. His first company, Recon, focused on augmented reality for snow goggles. The company was then acquired by Intel and gave Dan Eisenhardt the opportunity and capital to focus on his Form Goggles.

When training or just casually swimming, it can be frustrating not to know about the pace, time, heart rate, and distance. All swimmers know that a glance at the pace clock while swimming is far from ideal. The Form Smart Swim Goggles relies on the same head-ups principles used by fighter-jet pilots and that we also start seeing in cars. The smart display is part of the goggles and allows access to swim data without interfering with peripheral vision.


The swim goggles offer the ability to access swim metrics in real time:

  • Split time,
  • Pace per 100, pace per 50, stroke rate, stroke count, distance per stroke
  • Distance, length count
  • Interval time, rest time, total time,
  • Calories burned, heart rate when connected to compatible smartwatch or heart rate monitors.

The goggles connect via Bluetooth to the iOS and Android compatible app. The results can even be shared with the Form online community to keep motivation high. Results can be reviewed off-line. This way, training strengths, and weaknesses are easily accessible. The data can be shared with the coach to prepare for the next training session.

When paired with a GPS compatible smartwatch such as the Apple Watch, the swimming path is also displayed on the app.


The Form Goggles are built using high-quality materials and received numerous awards, such as the RedDot 2020 and Goog Design Award. They come with 7 different nose bridge sizes and an adjustable silicone strap. The silicone used for eye contour is FDA certified. The lenses are treated with a permanent and chemical-resistant anti-fog coating to provide crystal clear vision.

The Goggles are water-resistant up to 32 feet (10 meters) and offer 16 hours of battery life. They charge using a provided USB cable. A dedicated carrying case is even provided.


The Form Smart Swim Goggles are equally accurate and useful in Swimming pools, open water, or swimming spa. They have the potential to change the way swimmers train. For more casual swimmers, they provide useful information. The brightness of the display is adjustable for indoors or outdoors pools.

Even if the built quality is high, the goggles should be treated with care. This way, they will offer numerous years of valuable information. The app is already compatible with Strava, TrainingPeaks, Garmin, and Apple Health. The possibility to synchronize with external devices opens the doors to other health metrics such as heart rate, calories burned, GPS tracking.

In a nutshell, the Form Swim Googles are a clever health gadget that may well be an invaluable part of your swim bag. They are now available in the Apple store. Good to know that the company also offers a 45-day fit guarantee, which allows testing them extensively and making sure that they fit well and offer the expected benefits.

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