How is Valencell aiming at changing blood pressure monitoring?

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Valencell, famously known for its award-winning biometric sensor technologies, is taking chronic disease management to a new level. The company is now revolutionizing the world of blood pressure monitoring.

We have seen the company develop the most accurate optical heart rate technology for monitoring cardiovascular vitals during exercise. Now, everyone has high hopes for their technology.

Valencell’s inventions and technologies are evident in dozens of global brands, and they recently added a product line to their name. The company announced the launch of its blood pressure monitoring branded product, causing an immeasurable online sensation.

Who Is Valencell?

Valencell is a leader in digital health solutions with a focus on chronic disease management. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Valencell continues to wow consumers with its biometric sensor technologies for wearables, hearables, and other medical devices. 

Valencell was co-founded by Steven LeBoeuf, Jesse Tucker, and Michael Aumer and was augmented by R&D leaders. The company has over 150 patented innovations, with over 35 companies using its technology.

Valencell has partnerships with some of the biggest names in the wearable industry, including Samsung, LG, Garmin, and Sony.

The company has government support and has received more than $3 million in grants so far. Furthermore, it has raised over $35 million in funding from investors. Notable investors include GII Fund, TDF, Sonion, Best Buy, Halma, and WSJ Joshua Fund.

Initially, Valencell’s primary focus was sports and fitness wearables. However, its technological advancements have made the company switch gears and focus more on medical-grade digital health solutions to enhance chronic disease management.

Blood Pressure Monitoring Technology 

High blood pressure has become the most prevalent chronic disease in the world. Research shows nearly 1 in 2 adults live with hypertension. Hypertension has been labeled the “silent killer” since you can live with it and show no symptoms. Nearly 10 million adults die yearly due to hypertension or as a contributing cause. This makes blood pressure monitoring and control crucial for any patient who might experience high blood pressure.

As a result, we have seen various medical equipment companies producing devices that help patients monitor their blood pressure. There have been different types of devices for measuring blood pressure, with the upper arm BP monitor being the most common and accurate one.

Furthermore, we’ve seen the technology evolving to wearables, smartphones, and skin patches. However, there has not been one that can match the accuracy of the upper arm blood pressure monitor, which the American Heart Association (AHA) recommends. This is where Valencell comes into the picture with their new cuffless BP monitoring device, which also targets over-the-counter use. 

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Valencell’s Technology

The Valencell BP monitor uses the same technology that most wearable BP monitors use. Its fingertip blood pressure monitor uses optical technology to measure blood pressure. This is also the same technology a fingertip pulse oximeter uses and has a similar appearance.

Photoplethysmography (PPG) is the technology behind pulse oximeters and Valencell BP monitors. It measures blood volume changes. A PPG sensor usually contains an LED light source and a light detector. When the LED shines light into the tissue, some of the light is scattered by the red blood cells and detected by the light detector.

The amount of light detected changes as the blood volume changes, and this change can be used to calculate blood pressure. Valencell’s device contains a machine-learning algorithm that determines blood pressure using data from the sensor and physical factors like height, age, and weight.

PPG sensors have several advantages, including reliability, affordability, and simpler hardware implementation. You can connect your Valencell to a mobile device to allow data synchronization to a mobile device.

Apart from being able to track and store your BP readings, the mobile app can help you set reminders for when to measure your BP. Furthermore, it can help in remote patient monitoring and enable data sharing with health providers and families. On top of this, you can receive tips on lifestyle changes and adaptations to help you control your BP.

Blood pressure monitoring typically involves wrapping a cuff around your arm and then pumping it up until it’s tight. This can be uncomfortable, and it can also be hard to get an accurate reading, especially for those who become nervous easily. Valencell seeks to eliminate this intrusive and noisy way to measure your BP. However, it’s not meant to replace the upper arm blood pressure monitor since it remains the gold standard.

Valencell’s Calibration-Free, Cuffless Fingertip BP Monitor

The Valencell fingertip BP monitor is part of a growing trend of wearable devices. And just like other wearable blood pressure monitors, it allows you to monitor your BP in real time.

The Valencell Fingertip blood pressure monitor allows users to measure their BP without using a traditional cuff. This device also requires no calibration, making it the world’s first cuffless and calibration-free BP monitor.

The device consists of a sensor that attaches to the user’s finger and a transmitter that sends the readings to the display. You can also pair the BP monitor with a mobile app, which displays the readings in real time, allowing you to track their blood pressure over time. These readings are also stored in the app so you can share them with your doctor or other healthcare providers.

Although the company is waiting for FDA approval in late 2023 for this product, it already satisfies relevant ISO standards. 

Valencell will offer a more convenient way to monitor your health better than any other wearable device. It aims to enable people to measure their BP passively on their everyday devices, watches, and other wearables. This will encourage frequent BP monitoring, which can help detect masked hypertension. Measuring BP passively will also give users an idea of their health, leading to more informed decisions and improved lifestyles.

Benefits of Valencell Fingertip Blood Pressure Monitor

Even though there have been fingertip blood pressure monitors in the market for some time now, they still need cuff and calibration to work correctly. This is what makes Valencell’s device different. Other benefits of Valencell fingertip BP monitors include:

  • Ease of use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • High accuracy
  • Comfortable clip
  • Backed by patented biometric sensor technology

Although the device was developed for individual use, it is anticipated that the solution will be CPT Eligible, allowing for reimbursement to healthcare providers and clinics using it for Chronic Care Management and other remote patient monitoring programs. 

In Summary

Valencell is poised to make a big impact in managing chronic conditions. We’ve seen how Valencell is working to change the blood pressure monitoring landscape. They’re making blood pressure monitoring passive and more convenient for everyone.

For now, let’s await the FDA approval, which according to Valencell, should be out by the end of the year 2023. For Valencell, the future is bright, with the company intending to expand its technology into other spheres of health.

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