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What Is The Cost Of Neurofeedback Therapy?

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Neurofeedback therapy or EEG (electroencephalogram) biofeedback is a non-invasive brain treatment that assesses brainwave activity and teaches self-control of brain functions. It can help treat various issues caused by irregularities in brain function, such as: 

Further research among children shows that neurofeedback can rewire the brain of children and improve reading achievement. 

The US FDA has approved various neurofeedback devices, such as BioGraph Infiniti by Thought Technology Ltd. and BrainFeedback Pro by Deymed Diagnostic.

Knowing the benefits of this revolutionary treatment, you may be asking yourself how much it costs. This article will comprehensively detail all the costs related to neurofeedback therapy. Read on.

The Typical Cost Of Neurofeedback Therapy At a Clinic

Neurofeedback training typically entails roughly 30-50 sessions, a minimum of 20. When done once a week, that’s around twelve months of therapy.

The primary factor in the cost of neurofeedback ­therapy is the number of sessions required. However, neurofeedback costs may differ based on the condition or issue under treatment, your clinician’s experience, and location. The fee for a neurofeedback session can range from $125-$200. 

An initial consultation of about 50 minutes is usually the first step to determine whether neurofeedback is right for you. This consultation, also known as psychological counseling, also helps the client get information about the therapy to help them make an informed decision.

Neurofeedback sessions start with a ‘brain map’ test that assesses the brain’s arousal levels. This basic testing and evaluation can take up to three hours and helps to diagnose and plan suitable treatments. All of this is done with standard EEG equipment.

In a situation involving attention and focus, a therapist does a TOVA test (computerized Test of Variables of Attention) to measure the brain’s speed and accuracy in attentional processing.

After the testing phase, your neurologist will do a clinical evaluation for about an hour to check your medical history and symptoms in more detail. Then, they discuss the test results and decide on the best initial treatment plans.

Each of the three components costs about $125-$200. So, the first start-up for neurofeedback therapy can range between $750 and $1500. The final cost will still be based on the number of sessions needed and whether or not you include an informational session.

If TOVA is used as a treatment guide and progress measure, they are offered every 20 sessions. The cost of each TOVA after the initial one is around $50.

Note: These costs don’t include the time or money spent traveling back and forth from a clinic, such as fuel expenses, etc.

The Cost At-Home Neurofeedback Therapy 

The cost is about $ 450 monthly for renting the equipment. There is an additional cost for the handover when you’re shown how the software is used and how to set up the device for individualized training. You’ll still have one hour (15-minute phone call every week) of phone supervision.

However, you can get as much support as you require for additional fees. For example, if the time is more than one hour per month, it’s charged $150 per hour down to one-minute intervals. Some prefer renting a laptop with installed software and configured hardware for $60 a month.

How Much Is Brain Mapping?

Some practitioners use a brain map and analysis to set a baseline for upcoming sessions. However, some situations don’t require brain mapping, costing from $550 to $1,350. In addition, some common problems like insomnia might respond fast to neurofeedback with no hectic-targeted procedures like mapping.

Note: Some patients’ problems might be addressed in 10 or fewer sessions, but others might need as many as 50 or more, resulting in additional costs.

The Cost Of Neurofeedback Machines

Neurofeedback machines are available for home use to supplement therapy sessions with a skilled therapist. Prices may range anywhere between $20 and $2,000 or higher depending on the features, model, make, and how sophisticated the machine is.

Stress thermometers, for instance, which measure changes in body temperature during stress, cost about $22-$30 each. On the other hand, MyoTrac 3 Portable Muscle Monitors, which offer a more comprehensive solution by monitoring two different muscle groups, come with additional software and a computer interface for the hefty price of about $1,990- $2500.

Home Neurofeedback Cost Vs. Clinic Cost

Home training allows you to work according to your schedule and preferences. The more effort you put in, and the more often you train, the quicker you can achieve your desired results. The faster you do, the faster you get results.

When it comes to clinics, the initial cost for assessments, including a qEEG test (Quantitative Electroencephalogram), typically ranges from $750 to $1500. 

30-40 minutes of training sessions may cost $100 – $270 each. If you go 40 sessions, the total cost for the entire therapy would be between $4000 – $10800, plus the initial start-up cost of $750 to $1500. Some therapists do several additional qEEGs at an extra cost to monitor the progress and do not provide it as a routine test. 

If you’re taking one session per week, it would take nearly a year to finish 40 sessions, and you might require many more. So two sessions every week in a clinic would cost between $200 and $540 per week or $800 and $2,160 every month.

One session per week at home can be much more cost-efficient than regular visits to a clinic. Home training can cost up to $450 per month for similar sessions, meaning you can save anywhere from $350 to $1,710 every month. But, of course, the cost goes up if you do three or more sessions a week.

When you factor in the time and fuel costs to visit a clinic, you save more time and money. On top of that, you can extend the length of a session to up to an hour if you want and not just 30-40 minutes in a clinic.

Will Your Insurance Cover the Therapy?

Neurofeedback therapy costs can be overwhelming, and not all insurance plans may provide coverage. Some might cover it for certain conditions, but only when particular criteria are met. Check with your provider to find out if your policy covers your situation. In most cases, your doctor will provide a worksheet to help you advocate for coverage and assists you when interacting with your insurance provider.

Medicare covers neurofeedback in most cases. However, it’s conditional on individual and unique needs. The coverage rates for this treatment differ depending on the reason and age. For example, a child may not qualify for Medicare coverage if covered under a state-specific health program for kids. The coding on your bill may also affect your coverage benefits. 

Is Neurofeedback Therapy Worth The Cost?

The major drawback of neurofeedback therapy is cost. Neurofeedback is quite expensive and can take a lot of sessions to see an improvement, but it’s worth the cost. Research shows the therapy can effectively help patients achieve long-term symptom relief while improving their quality of life. If other treatments have been ineffective, it’s worth trying neurofeedback. You need to work with a reputable and experienced neurologist. 

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