Is a medical spa better than a smartwatch?

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Our daily life is stressful. Nobody will deny it. The COVID-19 pandemic put enormous stress, not only on the economy but also on our mental health and skin as well. The latest smartwatches offer the possibility to monitor stress in real-time. They will even invite you to breathe and relax when a stressful situation is detected.

But is it enough? Medical spas, or medspa, in short, are a more traditional way of getting back to the path of the Zen. But what are they? Are they safe? And is it worth disconnecting and visiting them for the ultimate cosmetic experience?

What is the difference between a traditional and a medical spa?

When traditional spas offer a relaxing experience, medical spas aim at delivering medically supervised and invasive treatments. In a nutshell, standard spa therapies are for stress relief and are non-invasive. Medi-spas treatments are for aesthetic purposes and can be invasive.

Cosmetic procedures to remove age spots, botox injection, chemical peels, or laser hair removal are routinely offered—all under the supervision of either board-certified cosmetologists or plastic surgeons. More about that later. It may be an issue due to unclear regulations that vary from state to state.

A med spa is a perfect compromise between a relaxing day experience and an aesthetic skin care treatment. 2020 has been tough on all of us, and healthy skin is the first step towards better years.

At a medspa, a massage will be combined with various cosmetology procedures: light therapy, microdermabrasion, microneedling, and sun care. Facial treatments and getting rid of a couple of wrinkles are the best way to take control of its appearance.

Fitness trackers are a great way to stay healthy and active. Romans used to say “mens sana in corpore sano“, “A healthy mind in a healthy body”. Combining the benefits of a medi-spa with those of a fitness tracker is a guaranteed way to obtain the best results.

Choosing a medical spa can be tricky

Laser treatments can be dangerous. They need to be performed under the supervision of real professionals and doctors. Cosmetic procedures are different from skincare. Applying a moisturizing cream or lotion does not carry the same risks as a chemical peel.

It is why choosing a reputable med spa must be on the top of your list. But how is it possible to know which ones are recommendable and which ones should be avoided?

What about the med spa laws?

All medical spas should operate under a medical professional license. Some state laws do not require, though, that a doctor needs to be present at all-time in the medical spa. It can be tricky for customers to know if the spa is operating legally or not. At the minimum, you should require an initial appointment with a doctor. Some states require a medical professional to be present on the site at all times.

Botox injections or chemical peels can have devastating consequences when not performed professionally. Do not let a relaxing experience turns into a nightmare. Do your research extensively. It is the best advice we can give you.

How to choose a safe med spa?

The American Med Spa Association has been founded to ensure that the regulations were respected and that the aesthetic treatments offered were safe and compliant. They maintain a directory of the vendors. We certainly advise you to check it before any appointment.

The Association also provides three tips to help you choose the right place to go.

  1. Ask to see a doctor: Medical spas procedures can be invasive and are regulated by medical boards. Before any treatment, ask if you can have an appointment with a doctor. He will assess the benefits and the risks of specific procedures and will define a treatment plan. According to the AMSA, not being allowed to meet a board-certified doctor before a procedure should be considered a major red flag.
  2. Ensure that the person in charge of the procedure is legally allowed to do it: Any procedure that will involve the use of a needle and injectables is considered medical. A Registered Nurse should perform them at the minimum. Make sure that the person holding the syringe is compliant with state laws.
  3. Do your research first: The Internet is an amazing source of information. As with any aesthetic therapy, do not let anybody handle your skin. Check the reviews, the validity of the licenses, and the legality of the Business. When in doubt, cancel your appointment and find a more reputable place.

A medical spa, standard spa, or a smartwatch: Which one to choose?

You do not have to choose one. They serve different purposes. A medspa is the place to preserve your baby’s skin and limit the damages of aging. Choose the place carefully, though. A standard spa will offer a relaxing experience. Even if the wide variety of cosmetic treatments are not as effective as medical ones, you will somehow feel rejuvenated and relieved of the stress.

Ultimately, your smartwatch will blink green, and your life will seem rosier. Enjoy!

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