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Zoom on HealthSapiens Telehealth Services


With the COVID-19 outbreak, Telepsychiatry and Tele counseling have seen a huge surge in demand. This recent article analyzed how Telehealth could change how mental health will be provided in a post-COVID 19 world. Health Sapiens has the goal to offer affordable and quality remote consultations with doctors, including a monthly 24/7 access and illimited counseling plan.

What services do HealthSapiens offer?

Unlimited everyday care consultations for $19.95 per month

The company offers two types of services. One called the “Medical Plan” aimed at providing 24/7 online healthcare consultations for everyday care. For $19.95 per month for a single person, it is possible to have access to an unlimited number of monthly consultations—$ 24.95 for the family plan (1 person + up to 6 family members).

The process is simple. After registering on their website, the patient dashboard will provide a toll-free number to request a consultation. The waiting time is approximately 15 minutes, and the consultation is held either by phone or by video. A prescription can even be sent automatically to your nearest pharmacy. HealthSapiens’ doctor can also refill prescriptions of non-narcotics.


Healthsapiens medical team has more than 10 years of experience on average, which is reassuring. They are qualified to treat medical needs related to Allergies, Bronchitis, Cold, Cough, Diarrhea, Ear Ache, Eye Infection, Fever, Flu / Influenza, Headache, Pneumonia, Rash / Skin Infection, Sinus Infection, Small Wound, Stomach Ache, Upper Respiratory Infection, Vomiting, Yeast Infection.

The real difference between HealthSapiens is that the subscription is the only payment needed. No additional per-consultation fee is requested—neither the need for a co-pay or medical insurance. The subscription fees are the only ones to pay to have access to this doctor’s pocket service.

For families, students or travelers, this service is one of the most affordable we have seen so far.

Unlimited Counseling for $197.00 per month

The Counseling plan offered by HealthSapiens may seem too good to be true when comparing to $229.00 for a psychiatric teleconsultation with Teladoc. The difference is that Healthsapiens offer unlimited access to counselors for an emergency, crisis intervention, and pre-clinical sessions but not for clinical sessions. Counselors are available 24/7 for crisis-management.


What is the difference between pre-clinical sessions and clinical ones?

A pre-clinical session will be conducted by Master-level counselors and are informal. They are not part of a treatment regimen. The call has to be scheduled in advance for counseling and is limited to approximately 30 minutes per week.

When considering that people have never felt so lonely despite a hyper-connected world, having the possibility to talk to somebody about issues related to anxiety, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, Parenting issues, Insomnia, or just a bad day at work is certainly worth $197.00 a month.

Being handled by counselors, anti-depressants can be prescribed. The service is certainly useful but will not replace the need for psychiatric consultations. One of the many benefits of Telehealth is to be used as a way to triage the patients. The service offered by Healthsapiens bridges a needed gap between mental health and counseling.

Just as with the medical plan, there is no additional-fees to pay to have access to online counseling.

Is Digital Health useful for mental health?

Digital Health is more and more used to treat mental disorders or provide a helpful ear to people struggling with daily life constraints. The company NightWare recently released a smartwatch to help veterans suffering from nightmares and PTSD. The watch has been FDA approved.

On the Virtual Health side, XRHealth is the first certified Extended Reality medical company in the world. They use virtual reality and augmented reality solutions for various therapeutic applications such as PTSD, and offer group therapy sessions.

The approach of HealthSapiens based on a monthly subscription model and counseling can offer reliefs and help for non-psychiatric cases. It is the first step towards a better path, and considering the reasonable price, it is a step that is worth considering.

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