InterAxon introduces the Muse S Gen 2 Digital Sleeping Pill

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InterAxon, the company behind the Muse S, portable electroencephalogram sleep relaxation and tracking headband, is up for its new, improved sleeping device: the Muse S Gen 2.

InterAxon has since several years released headbands with the possibility to monitor brain waves to offer guided meditation programs.

The Muse S Gen 2 goes beyond a simple sleep tracker and relaxation device. The new generation of the Muse S, to be released soon, will leverage the power of biofeedback analysis to put you to sleep naturally and efficiently.

The experience starts when wearing the Muse S Gen 2 headband and connecting it to the companion app. The headband skin sensors will detect brain activity and deliver an immersive soundscape based on your biofeedback to help you fall asleep in the ultimate relaxing way.

The sound environment will help gently fall asleep and reacts depending on the recorded brain waves. InterAxon Digital Sleeping Pill is just like falling asleep surrounded by sea waves or nature sounds.

Compared to the former Muse S, the second generation offers several improvements such as a faster charging time (3 hours), improved battery performance (up to 10 hours), a wider size range, and upgraded signal quality.

The new Muse S will not only fall asleep but will also monitor your sleep cycles and reactivate the Digital Sleeping Pill feature in case the headband detects you are waking up or about to wake in the middle of the night.

More than a pure sleeping device, the Muse S Gen 2 will also use its electroencephalogram and biofeedback capabilities to help relieve stress via guided mediation exercises. By analyzing the heart rate, breathing pattern, and brain waves, the Muse S Gen 2 will guide you through the path to optimize meditation and relieve daily stress.

The Muse companion app is available for iOS and Android devices. In addition, the sensing headband is packed with the ultimate technology in sensors: Electroencephalography, Photoplethysmography, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Blood oxygen saturation tracker.

The Muse S Generation 2 will be available at the end of November and is available for pre-order on InterAxon Website for $399.99. A premium price but the potential to change the way you sleep and deal with stress

Overall, the new Muse S Generation 2 is the ultimate alternative to chemical sleeping pills and may change the way you sleep and meditate.

Muse S Gen 2 by InterAxon

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