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nebula genomics Oct21 deal

In October, Nebula Genomics offers a special deal to get your DNA tested using their Whole Genome Sequencing Technology. A great way to know more about your origins, traits, and genetic susceptibilities.

We recently tested this kit and found it informative and accurate (Check our Full Review)—the perfect DNA test to get into the world of Home Genetic Tests. At $49 instead of $99, this offer should undoubtedly be considered seriously and can make the perfect pre-Christmas gift for your loved ones. 

But, the legitimate question is know what you will get for such a low price point. So, this is what we will aim at answering.

Basic by Nebula Genomics

4.5 stars

Price when reviewed: $49.00 (with CODE: SAVE50)


Is Nebula Genomics legit?

Just by looking at the resume of its founders, it is easy to rule out any potential concern about the legitimacy of the company, technology, and results.

Its principal founder, Pr. Georges Church, is not only a Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and Professor of Health Sciences and Technology at Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) but is also a legend in the world of genome sequencing. 

Twenty years ago, Pr. Church invented and developed the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), now used in every Genetic laboratory to analyze the whole genome with high speed and accuracy.

Nebula Genomics makes the most of this technology to read the 25,000+ genes constituting the human DNA code.

The company offers three levels of analysis:

  • BASIC reads the most critical part of the DNA and provides basic ancestry information, 
  • DEEP reads the whole DNA sequence and includes a Deep ancestry report based on Y chromosomal and mitochondrial DNA to tract both the paternal and maternal lineages, 
  • ULTRA-DEEP offers an unrivaled accuracy that equals the clinical DNA tests. Each part of the DNA will be read 100 times not to miss a single nucleotide. The ULTRA DEEP package also comes with complete maternal and paternal ancestry analyses.

What will I learn with the BASIC DNA test?

The BASIC DNA test can be seen as an appetizer to the world of genetics. Once ordered, you will receive a swab to sample your DNA and a prepaid envelope to send it back to the lab for sequencing.

After a couple of weeks, the results are available online and cover various aspects of your genome.


This report is not the strong point of the test as the world is divided into 25 main regions, which offer a relatively thick granularity. Nevertheless, it can somehow be interesting to discover where your ancestors broadly came from.

Trait Reports

We found this report much more exciting and sometimes amusing. Potential Genetic mutations responsible for physical, behavioral, and nutrition will be analyzed. The results are presented in informative and didactic ways that could be especially interesting when willing to share a Genetic 101 experience with your children.

For example, you will learn why your hair is thick, you need extra vitamin D, or you are taller than the average population—a great way to understand how the genotype and phenotype are linked.

Nebula Library

In our opinion, this is where the real value is. Reports based on the advancement of Science will show your potential risks of developing a potential disease depending on the mutations you carry.

The results are presented in a way that will appeal to those interested in knowing more about the relationships between potential genetic variants and the underlying disease or characteristic. 

It is even possible to read the scientific article underlying the results. Fascinating and an excellent way for spending hours digging deep into your genetic makeup. 

On top of that, the reports are updated every week based on the latest scientific discovery. In our case, we received more than 271 reports divided into various organs or major biological functions. 

To wrap up

Considering the technology and robustness of the analyses performed, $49 is an excellent price for benefiting from such a wealth of information and the latest technological sequencing advancements. Nebula Genomics is undoubtedly on a path to establish itself as one of the leaders in at-home sequencing tests. This promotional offer is an excellent opportunity to take the first step towards a better understanding of what truly makes you: your DNA!

To benefit from this offer, use the code “SAVE50” when ordering

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