OvuSense vs. TempDrop vs. Ava: The battle of the fertility trackers

Fertility trackers come at various forms, shapes, and prices. They all promise to help women monitor their fertility cycle. But are they really worth it? Discover the pros and cons of three of the leading ones.

Fertility trackers

Having a baby is one of the most beautiful experiences a woman can have in life. Being able to conceive is easy for some lucky women. Seeing a positive pregnancy test result isn’t much of a challenge for them. However, for some women bearing a child is not very easy. It can be a very tough experience.

Nonetheless, in recent years, technology has enabled the creation of excellent tools to help you with fertility. In this article, we’ll look at three fertility trackers that can help along the way. These valuable tools will help you keep track of dates, so you’re aware of the best times for you to engage in intercourse to increase your chances of getting pregnant.


The first thing that is very apparent with the Tempdrop fertility tracker is comfort. The wearable is non-invasive compared to the oral and vaginal basal thermometers. It’s a wearable sensor that focuses on fertility monitoring. It helps you keep track of significant fertility indicators to avoid pregnancy when you aren’t ready or to make your chances of conceiving much higher—a good pick.

Tempdrop by Tempdrop

Price when reviewed: $159.00


A charting app accompanies the tracker for efficient tracking. In addition, the proprietary patented algorithm used in the device makes it very easy to track your body temperature patterns every night. This helps you learn about your fertility window and ovulation for your cycle pattern.

Tempdrop is accessible to all women in need of digital cycle monitoring. It doesn’t matter your sleeping habits; you can depend on the sensor to give you desired results. If you suffer from irregular cycles, you can still confidently track your menstrual cycle with this wearable.

While using it, it filters temperature noise. This includes variables such as traveling, alcohol, and bad sleeping habits to help with efficient ovulation and fertility monitoring. It’s also FSA and HSA eligible. Compared to most of the wearables used to measure parameters secondary to temperature, it’s quite affordable.


The following are some of the great features you can expect from the Tempdrop fertility tracker:

Accurate body temperature

The advanced sensors and sophisticated algorithms in Tempdrop can uniquely derive accurate body temperature from skin measurements. It uses an acceleration sensor as well as two temperature sensors. The acceleration sensor measures three-axis acceleration (x, y, and z), all used to collect surrounding and body temperature data.

Two algorithms are used; a learning algorithm and their patent-pending Active Temperature-Noise Cancellation filtering algorithm. The algorithms help track individual sleeping temperature patterns and filter out anything that interferes with temperature readings, such as sleeping positions.

Complete data freedom

You’re able to view and track the fertility signs collected by the Tempdrop sensor fast and effortlessly through its accompanying app that’s available on both Google Play and iOS. In addition, there are in-built charting features that can keep track of different fertility signs and identify your cycle pattern.

Ease of use

You wear the device on your arm, and it doesn’t cause you any discomfort. However, you might not remember you’re wearing it. There are two sizes available: the standard size ranges between 5.2 to 14 inches, and the large sizes range between 11 to 19.7 inches.

You won’t need to wake up simultaneously every day to get a basal body temperature reading (BBT), which is a significant indicator when trying to understand your cycle pattern. The data can be synced whenever you feel comfortable. The battery is very reliable, inexpensive, and removable. You won’t need to charge it every day.


  • It comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty and ongoing support from the supportive community.
  • It cancels out temperature noise, meaning if you have a busy life, you’re traveling, or have bad sleeping habits, it will still give an accurate reading.
  • You don’t need to wake up at the same time every day to check your temperature.


  • The fertility tracker doesn’t come with instructions.
  • It may react harshly to people with sensitive skin.


The OvuSense fertility tracker created by Fertility Focus is designed to help you throughout your fertility journey.  It will help you from when you start trying to get pregnant and is very useful throughout your pregnancy. It also provides you with everything you need in cycle monitoring to better your chances of conceiving. Its only real drawback, its price.

Ovusense by Ovusense

Price when reviewed: $299.00


To make your fertility journey much smoother, it works reliably with the OvuSense app to upload your data and give you all your fertility updates in real-time. OvuSense measures core body temperature inside your vagina; hence it bypasses all problems with luteinizing hormone (LH). It monitors ovulation with 99% accuracy, and it’s the only device that will notify you of missed ovulation in a given cycle.

A Clinically designed vaginal sensor is used to take temperature measurements in the vagina. It predicts the onset of your ovulation in real-time for each cycle. The sensor takes readings after every five minutes while you’re sleeping every night, and in the morning, you’re able to download all the data to the OvuSense app. The app analyzes the data then produces a precise fertility graph.


OvuSense claims to be the ultimate medical device when it comes to accuracy in ovulation monitoring. The following are some features enabling it to function efficiently:

OvuCore sensor

This sensor was created especially for people who have been struggling to conceive or if they have issues such as PCOS. The sensor is made of unique patented technology that constantly keeps track of Continuous Core Body Temperature (CCBT).

The measurements are taken while you’re sleeping to clearly understand the increase in progesterone, which generally occurs during your cycle.


OvuSense has been tested and proven to work successfully in over 186,500 cycles. It’s straightforward to use and won’t cause you any discomfort. It comfortably fits in your vagina like a tampon. All the data collected is not hard to understand, and you can view it in real-time through the OvuSense app.

Ovulation can be predicted up to 24 hours before, and the predictions are 96% of the time. The 99% accuracy for ovulation gives a complete eight-day fertile window when your next cycle starts.


  • It is very advantageous for women who suffer from Polycystic Ovaries (PCO) or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), whose cycles differ from one to the next. It provides more accurate results and bypasses problems you might experience with ovulation predictor kits and LH monitors.
  • It has a 90-day money-back guarantee if you use it within that period and ovulation is not detected. If needed, they’ll offer you a full refund to help you get clinical advice.
  • It will let you know whether you have ovulated in each cycle and if you haven’t.
  • Excellent customer service.


  • It’s invasive since you have to insert it in your vagina every night to get accurate results.
  • Its price can seem high


Being able to monitor your ovulation correctly can be a highly complex process. Ava is one of the most reliable wearable fertility trackers that monitors the five fertility signs by being worn at night. Being clinically proven shows it’s accurate in increasing the chances of being able to conceive—an excellent fertility tracker which comes at a premium price.

Ava by Ava Science

4.5 stars

Price when reviewed: $259.00


Ava uses data combined from its different sensors to detect the five days for conception every month in real-time. It’s the only FDA-cleared class 2 medical device. So you’ll be aware of when a fertile window opens and closes.


There are multiple things you can be able to do with Ava; they include the following:

Cycle tracking

A lot happens during your cycle, and Ava helps you understand it all. For example, you might experience changes in your energy levels, how hungry you get, your sleep patterns, among other things, due to a change in your hormonal levels. It keeps track of your cycle phases in real-time by measuring physiological parameters that act as markers when your hormone levels change.

You’ll also get to see your psychological stress level through the heart rate variability ratio so that you can be able to take action if needed. It also helps you track your sleep while also cycle monitoring.

Fertility tracking

Ava can detect five of the six days in a month when you’re able to conceive. So you don’t need to worry about waking up to take your temperature; you need to wear it at night and sync data in the app after waking up.

It’s accurate and provides additional health information, including resting pulse rate, temperature, psychological stress, and sleep. You can also track your pregnancy after you conceive.


  • It gives detailed information on your development during pregnancy.
  • It does more than fertility tracking; it also tracks other health parameters.
  • It has a captioning solution.


  • It comes at a price

To wrap up

A lot of couples struggle with fertility issues. Female technologies have become a great way to enhance fertility in women. They monitor data on menstrual cycles and ovulation to increase the chances of conceiving.

The different technologies in the above devices help to increase your chances of getting pregnant significantly. However, they’re worth considering if you need to track your cycles, fertility, and pregnancy as well.

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