QardioArm review: A smart and stylish Blood Pressure Monitor

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The QardioArm wireless blood pressure monitor is all about style, convenience, and accuracy. For $99, the QardioArm offers an easy way to monitor systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as a useful irregular heartbeat detection function. The app. is easy to use and offers medical insights. A potential drawback is that a smartphone is always needed to measure blood pressure. With a three years limited warranty, the QardioArm will not let you down and is certainly a wise choice when looking for a smart and stylish FDA-approved blood pressure monitor.

QardioArm by Qardio

Price when reviewed: $99.00


More than 103 million suffer from hypertension. They potentially face the severe health consequences of what is known as the silent killer. There is no need anymore to go to the drugstore or to the doctor to check your blood pressure. Home blood pressure monitors are all you need to get your health under control anytime, anywhere.

The company Qardio is famous for the design and quality of their products. Their QardioBase 2 scale was one of our favorites, and the QardioArm wireless Blood Pressure Monitor is in line with the brand’s reputation.


The QardioArm is already six years old, but its sleek and stylish design is still one of the best in the market. Its rectangular form factor is not without reminding the Withings BPM Connect we reviewed recently and found excellent.

With dimensions of 2.7 x 1.5 x 5.5 inches (140 x 68 x 38 mm) and a weight of 0.68 pounds (310 g), the QuardioArm is light and easy to bring with you during a trip. Powered by four included 1.5V AAA batteries that will last twelve months of normal use, there is no need to bring a charging cable, making it a fully self-contained blood pressure monitor.

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The blood pressure cuff will nicely fit around the artic white box containing the electronics, sensors, and inflation mechanism. When unrolled, the cuff will accommodate arms from 8.7 to 14.6 inches (22 to 37 cm) in circumference. We recommend using a ruler before buying the device to ensure that the cuff size will fit properly for strong men.

Good to know that the Qardio blood pressure monitor will power automatically when the arm cuff is unrolled. Thanks to a magnet included in the cuff. You do not have to worry about draining the battery out if the cuff is not properly rolled back.

The device will automatically turn off after a couple of minutes. It is just a detail, of course, but it means that the product has been very well thought of and that nothing has been neglected.

Features and accuracy

The QardioArm is clinically validated, and FDA approved.  Systolic and diastolic blood pressures ranging from 40 to 250 mm Hg are measured using an oscillometric method with automatic inflation and a controlled pressure release valve. Heart rate is recorded from 40-200 beats/min, but it doesn’t end here. Irregular heartbeats are also detected.

Using the QardioArm wireless blood pressure monitor is very simple but will require a smartphone or a tablet. The first step is to download the free Qardio App available for iOS and Android devices. Once launched, the app pairs automatically using Bluetooth. Just register to allow the synchronization and safe storage of the recordings in the HIPAA compliant cloud.

After properly positioning the pressure cuff, taking a blood pressure measurement with the smart blood pressure monitor is as easy as launching the app and pressing on the green button appearing once pairing is completed. The cuff will inflate automatically, and the measurements will be displayed on the Qardio App.


The Qardio App is easy to use, and the results are synchronized automatically with Apple Health, Samsung Health, or Google Fit for easy recording and sharing with your physicians.

Results are also displayed against the World Health Organization chart for an easy-to-understand interpretation. By using simple graphs and charts, trends can be followed. It can be advantageous when assessing the efficacy of blood pressure.

Data can be shared within the app or even sent automatically to your doctor via email.

To wrap up

The QardioArm is in competition with the Withings BPM Connect. The latest allows recording blood pressure without the need to launch the app. Both devices are quality ones, and both are priced at $99. The choice may be complicated and lays more in your preferences. The possibility to detect irregular heart beat complements well the blood pressure measures.

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