Wellue baby heart rate and oxygen monitor review

The Sudden Infant death Syndrome is one of the worse nightmares for parents. The Wellue baby heart rate and oxygen monitor offer a way to continuously track oxygen levels for the benefit of all.

Wellue baby heart rate and oxygen monitor

Wellue is certainly not new to the world of oximeters and is famous for its reliability. The Wellue baby heart rate and oxygen monitor will fit comfortably on the baby’s leg and foot and stream the data to the iOS and Android compatible app. If a sudden drop in the newborn’s blood oxygen level occurs, an alarm will ring both on the device and app. At $149.99, this device may seem an unnecessary luxury, but we consider that if it can bring peace of mind to the parents, the investment will be fully justified.

BabyO2 Baby Oxygen Monitor by Wellue

Price when reviewed: $149.99


Wellue is famous for its O2 ring. The company offers many oximeters and heart rate monitors. As parents, we always wonder if your baby is breathing properly and is safe. In this article, we selected the best baby monitors to check on the crib remotely. Wellue offers a way to monitor Babies’ heart rate and oxygen levels remotely.

The Owlet smart sock 2 leverages on the same concept but is nearly two times more expensive. Is it justified? Is the Wellue babyO2 technology and convenience enough to let both the parents and the babies sleep safely? Let’s dive in.

The Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is rare and only occurs in 1 in 10,000 babies. It is the parent’s worse nightmare. The physiological reasons are still unknown, and the ways to prevent it have changed every ten years. Disclaimer: Twenty years ago, I used to work in a laboratory studying SIDS, and the hypothesis was that it was linked to a brain stem developmental issue.

Monitors give parents a false sense of safety. Even though checking on your infant visually is good to have, nothing will truly replace a medical device reading the oxygen levels. It will ensure safe sleep for both the parent and the babies. In this sense, the Wellue clearly shines.

Safe nights for both parents and babies

The Wellue BabyO2 oxygen monitor works for infants up to 3 years old and is divided into two parts: the sensor that wraps around the baby’s foot and the device by itself that wraps around the thigh or calf. The wraps secure using velcro and are made of a soft fabric to ensure a comfortable fit. They come in two sizes, and the whole device only weighs 1.09 oz / 31g.

The app has an oxygen monitoring dashboard that will help parents get peace of mind and avoid waking up in the middle of the night to check on the baby’s breathing. We all did that? Didn’t we?

When the blood oxygen level starts to drop, an alarm will ring on the device and the smartphone. The volume can be adjusted. The heart rate and oxygen levels are monitor continuously and streamed by wi fi on the iOS or Android compatible app. Data are transmitted using Bluetooth for up to 50 meters. Make sure that walls do not interfere with the signal, though.

Just as the Wellue O2 ring for adults, the data collected by the Wellue Baby oxygen and heart rate monitor will be presented in a detailed report to share using pdf/CSV format with your pediatrician or doctor.

How to install the Wellue O2 baby monitor

The device is installed very easily.

  1. Choose the wrap with the appropriate size and install the sensor on foot using the wrap and velcro to secure it. The cable should run on the outer edge of the leg.
  2. Plug the cable into the device.
  3. Attach the device to the leg and push the button for 2 seconds to turn it on.

The oxygen level and heart rate are displayed both on the device and on the app. There is no need for the app to run continuously. The data are recorded in the device’s built-in memory for up to 10 hours. They are synchronized automatically as soon as the app is switched on.

The O2 baby oxygen monitor recharges using the mini USB provided. One full charge takes 3 hours on average and should be enough for up to 16 hours.

It is also possible to modify the alarm threshold levels and even to turn it off even though we do not see the point of turning it off. The alarm only alerts in case of a drop in the oxygenation level and not the heart rate. Being connected to the leg, the device will also record the babies’ movements during the night, which can be handy to understand the sleep pattern of newborns better.

To wrap up

To be a parent is a difficult task. The Wellue baby heart rate and oxygen monitor are not needed but a good one to have. We consider that anything that will help parents feel more relaxed and safer is useful. Wellue leveraged its expertise in oxygen monitors to develop a device that will offer young parents peace of mind.


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