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We recently reviewed the YHE BP Doctor blood pressure watch and liked it a lot. This smartwatch dedicated to blood pressure measurement provides an accuracy close to automated blood pressure monitors in the form factor of an elegant watch.

YHE currently offers a special discount of $100 to purchase a YHE BP Doctor Pro smartwatch when using the code YHEWELCOME. The BPDoctor blood pressure watch was already priced at $399, but the current discount will become a bargain. We agree it is an expensive bargain, but considering all this health smartwatch has to offer, it is certainly a great deal.

What can the YHE BPDoctor Blood Pressure Smartwatch offer?

The BPDoctor is truly a watch dedicated to measuring health vitals and, specifically the blood pressure. Contrary to most smartwatches on the market today, the YHE watch relies on oscillometric technology to measure blood pressure. In addition, the wrist strap includes a small inflatable strap that will inflate and transiently block the blood flow in the radial artery allowing the pressure sensor to detect the exact amount of pressure necessary for the blood to flow again normally.

This techy does not use photoplethysmographic sensors and is the closest we can find to the one used in at-home blood pressure monitoring devices.

With half of the U.S. population suffering from hypertension, having the possibility to measure your blood pressure anywhere and at any time may become a changer in how you manage your heart health. We compared the results given by this watch to a more standard blood pressure monitor, and the results consistently closed.

YHE BPDoctor 3

The YHE BP Doctor goes beyond measuring the blood pressure and allows measuring the heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and sleep cycles, making it a very competent health watch.

As for the smartwatch features, the YHE BPDoctor will not let you down. It is possible to track your daily calorie consumption, workout, number of steps, and even to receive messages from your favorite SNS application.

The 170 mAh battery is enough for up to a couple of days of operation when not used too intensively. It charges in just 45 minutes using the provided USB cable and charger.

To wrap up

The YHE BPDoctor is on a path to change how blood pressure is measured with a smartwatch. Its attractive style and numerous watch faces will suit any style or circumstances. With the current discount of $100, the YHE Blood Pressure Doctor smartwatch is certainly an option to consider when shopping for a stylish and clever smartwatch mainly devoted to measuring blood pressure efficiently and accurately.

BPDoctor by YHE

4.5 stars

Price when reviewed: $399.00



Use the code YHEWELCOME for a $100 discount on the purchase of a YHE BP DOCTOR

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