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ZEEQ Smart Pillow Review: Snore less, sleep better


The ZEEQ smart pillow has everything you can expect from a smart pillow. It detects the sleep cycles, reduces the snoring, connects with the other smart house devices, and even plays music or reads audiobooks to help fall asleep. For less than $65, this pillow is a good choice to discover the many benefits of a comfortable smart pillow. Of course, do not expect to get as much data as with a fitness tracker, but at least if your snoring is reduced, we bet that your partner will be the first one to approve.

ZEEQ Smart Pillow by REM-Fit

3.5 stars

Price when reviewed: $69.99


Just as many innovative products, the Zeeq smart pillow started in 2016 as an Indiegogo project. The founders successfully raised close to half a million dollars to finalize the development of their product.

REM-FIT, the company behind which was presented as the world’s most sophisticated pillow, is a subsidiary of Surefit. This company has been in the home décor and sleep business for more than one hundred years. So, they definitely know one thing or two about pillows!

According to a survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, 20% of Americans said they did not wake up refreshed on any of the last seven days, and 45% added that poor or insufficient sleep affects their daily activities.

Poor health, low life satisfaction, and high stress are directly linked to poor sleep quality, so choosing the right pillow may be the first step towards a better and healthier life.

Design and comfort

The first thing we are looking for when thinking about a pillow is comfort. The Zeeq comes as a normal pillow containing memory foam layers. However, depending on your firmness preferences, it is possible to remove some of the foam.

The pillow comes with a Removable and washable Tencel cover. Tencel is a new viscose fiber sourced from sustainably harvested forests. Not only do Tencel fibers regulate the temperature, but they are also known for their extra softness.

All of the electronic sensors and devices are embedded inside the pillow and come with remote control.

Stop snoring with the ZEEQ smart pillow

Forty-five percent of adults snore occasionally. Snoring increases with age and weight. Snoring can also be caused by sleeping apneas and require medical attention. During sleep apnea, the blood oxygen levels will drop, and adrenaline, the stress hormone, will surge. Long term, it can lead to heart attack, stroke, and even diabetes.

Snores are louder than you think

The ZEEQ smart pillow may not be enough to treat sleep severe sleep apneas, but at least, by analyzing your sleep habits, you will be aware of the problem and seek medical attention.

The noise levels of snoring can reach 80 dB! It is considered a loud noise by the American Academy of Audiology and is equivalent to a vacuum cleaner’s sound. Snoring is not only detrimental to your health. It is also for your partner. Partners of snorers report that they get only 3-5 hours of sleep a night.

How does the the ZEEQ detect your snoring?

The pillow includes a microphone that will listen to your environment. When snoring is detected, small vibrating motors such as the ones in a smartphone will gently vibrate. Not enough to wake enough, but enough to make you change your position and open your airways again.

Other smart pillows even have bags that will inflate when snoring is detected. The technology chosen by ZEEQ is simpler. It works as expected and is certainly a more reliable technology in the long run.

Of course, the ZEEQ pillow-associated app. will record all of your snoring episodes, which can be useful information to share with your General Practitioners.

Easily track your sleep patterns

Smartwatches are great for analyzing sleep quality, but they need to be recharged regularly and can be uncomfortable to wear while sleeping. The battery of the pillow lasts 5-15 days which is much more than any standard fitness tracker.

The smart pillow integrates a three-axis gyroscope to track the movements of your head and define the sleep cycles.

The ZEEQ app pillow sleep tracker is not as accurate as your Fitbit watch, but it will provide enough information to dissect the quality of your sleep. Information about sleep scores, snores, and motion will be displayed. You may be shocked when looking at the snore peak dB volume, but at least you will know.

The integrated ZEEK smart alarm only wakes you up during a light sleep cycle by detecting the sleep cycles.

Listen to your music and fall asleep peacefully

The eight integrated Bluetooth mini-speakers are perfect for falling asleep while listening to your music without disturbing your partner.

The pillow connects to music streaming services such as Apple Pay, Spotify, or Amazon Prime music. It is also possible to listen to white noise or relaxing music.

REM-Fit also offers the possibility to listen to Binaural beats to help to fall asleep. Binaural beats are based on the work of the Prussian physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove and of Dr. Gerald Oster.

By sending two different frequencies via the built-in speakers, your brain activities will slowly decrease and lead you to sleep. This technology has been proven to be a safe alternative to sleeping pills.

A smart pillow that connects to your smart home

The ZEEQ pillow is truly smart-ready and connects to your house or other Internet of Things (IoT) devices via Amazon Alexa or the IFTT platform.

It is possible to exchange with Alexa and control your bedroom lights or even coffee pot. What is best than waking up at exactly the right time and smelling the freshly brewed coffee? The Zeeq is more than just a pillow but a night and morning butler.

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