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Are you part of the 25 percent of adults who snore regularly? I certainly am. Not only does it disturb my partner’s sleep, but occasionally mine as well. It is quite a weird feeling to hear yourself snore. We all know that snoring is often associated with sleep apnea, leading to heart conditions and strokes.

From smart pillows, check our review of the Zeeq pillow to vibrating oximeters such as the Wellue O2 ring or the SleepOn ring; numerous high-tech gadgets exist to reduce snoring. ZQuiet offers a different approach relying on mouthpieces and active noise canceling earbuds. Do they work, and are they the solution to restful sleep?

The family history behind ZQuiet

The company was founded in Vermont by a couple, Trina and Dan Webster. Dan was a heavy snorer, and Trina, understandably, had difficulty coping with it. As a talented sculptor and entrepreneur, Dan took things into his own hands to find a solution. In 2008, Sleeping Well LLC. was born. We love family companies founded by real people to answer a real need.

The mouthpiece was developed in collaboration with a dentist, John T. Herald, DDS, working in sleep medicine for 20 years. Not only is the company accredited by the Better Business Bureau, but their anti-snoring device is also FDA cleared. Always a good sign! With many positive elements behind their belt, let’s check what products they offer and, importantly, efficiently reduce snoring.

What do they offer?

The company was one of the first to concentrate on dentist-designed anti-snoring devices. Snoring results from a partial blockage of the airways as a result of the relaxation of the tongue and soft palate.

Mandibular Advancement Devices’ principle lies in slightly pushing the lower jaw, hence opening the airways and reducing snoring.

The company offers several products from mouthpieces to Nasal breathing aids, Clean Oral Appliance Brushes, and active noise-canceling earbuds.

ZQuiet Mouthpiece

2-Size Comfort System by ZQuiet

4.5 stars

Price when reviewed: $69.95


The ZQuiet mouthpieces are designed to help snorers sleep better simply and effectively. Made of a soft thermoplastic material, these mouthpieces are an affordable and reliable solution already trusted by millions. Good to know that they do not contain silicone, latex, or Bisphenol A (BPA). They are built on the principles developed over the last ten years to offer a practical and comfortable anti-snoring mouthpiece that will slightly move the lower jaw to relieve snoring.

The kit offered by ZQuiet includes two mouthpieces. No adjustment is needed, and they have been designed to move forward the lower jaw of either 2mm or 6mm. The company claims that their products are effectively reduce snoring in 90 percent of the cases, which is quite impressive.

Ready out of the box with nothing but easy fitting adjustments, the ZQuiet mouthguard comes with free return and a 60-days money-back guarantee. The company also offers a $9.95 trial that we find quite attractive. For a minimal price, which basically could be seen as the Handling&Shipping fees, you will receive their ZQuiet 2-Size Comfort System, including two mouthpieces.

The offer is simple. Test them during 30 nights. If you find them effective, keep them, and you will be charged $69.95. If you are not convinced, send them back, and no charge will be applied.

We also like the fact that the device is FDA-cleared. It proves that the company is really committed and confident about the effectiveness of its solution. Also, this mouthpiece received numerous awards from the Sleep Foundations, which is also a very positive point.

ZQuiet Advanced Sleep Earplug

Advanced Sleep Earplugs by ZQuiet

Price when reviewed: $25.99


The ZQuiet earplugs are a more standard solution for those who want better rest but come with some perks that make them quite uniquely suited for being worn at night. The silicone tips minimize pressure on the ears and provide total comfort, even during extended periods of time.

They block out unwanted sound in a 27 dB filter that eliminates all outside distractions (i.e., snoring partners) without sacrificing clarity so they can be used at home as well as in an airplane cabin, at work, or anytime you need to concentrate or focus.

They come as a set of 2 pairs of different sizes and include a carrying case and a cleaning brush. They are well suited for light snorers. For heavy snoring, the QuietOn snore canceling earbuds are to be privileged.

QuietOn Snore canceling earbuds

QuietOn earbuds by ZQuiet

4.5 stars

Price when reviewed: $199.00


The products we described so far were effective but did not rely on digital technology. At Digital Health Central, we love high-tech products, and the QuietOn Snore canceling earbuds are all we like.

You certainly have already succumbed to the latest pair of iPhone Pro earbuds, but they can certainly not be used at night. The QuietOn can and have been specifically designed to provide a form factor compatible with bedtime and are packed with anti-snoring noise-canceling algorithms.

The QuietOn Sleep Earbuds combine the advantages of in-ear passive earplugs and active noise canceling to provide optimal noise reduction across the whole audible spectrum, especially at low frequencies such as snoring sounds.

Contrary to noise-masking earbuds that will deliver a white noise, the QuietOn includes a tiny microphone that will emit a sound of the exact opposite snore spectrum, resulting in a digital erasing of the snoring. Sounds magical! It is not; it is science!

Rechargeable using the provided carrying case, they also come with various ear tips to choose from to best suit the ear canal. The battery lasts 20 hours which is more than enough if you forget to charge them. They also offer a hearing mode activated just by pressing a button that allows participating in a conversation without removing them.

We also like their unique flat form factor that will not cause any ear pain when resting on the pillow. A great product to try if your partner is not ready for using a mouthpiece at night.

To wrap up

ZQuiet is undoubtedly a company to follow that offers innovative products to deal with snoring problems. The fact that their mouthpiece does not require fitting or boil and bite steps is a big plus. We also really appreciate their active snore-canceling earbuds that can be a great way to bring back restful nights to your partner.

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