How will the Kinsa Thermometers change your temperature checks?

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Inder Singh is a man on a mission. After studying engineering at the University of Michigan and Health&Science Technologies at Harvard, he founded Kinsa in 2012 with the vision of bringing thermometers to their subsequent evolution. The smart thermometers developed by Kinsa go far beyond a simple temperature check.

They are connected, and the data they transmit have been proven invaluable during the fight against Covid-19. So let’s discover why the Kinsa range of thermometers may well be the best ones currently available.

How to unleash the power of the Kinsa smart thermometers?

The companion app. is where the magic begins. Just download the Kinsa app on your iOS or Android device, agree with the privacy policy and create your profile. It is possible to manage several profiles on the same account, which can be helpful for families or even schools. The next step is to pair the Bluetooth thermometer with the app. A straightforward process.

More than an app that can only be used to synchronize temperature data, Kinza’s one offers the possibility to add numerous data, including reminders, medication, symptoms, and diagnosis. In a nutshell, the app becomes a real family’s health dashboard.

How to choose a Kinsa thermometer?

The company offer three models, all FDA-cleared, that can be used for buccal, ear, or forehead measurements.

Kinsa Quick Care

The Kinsa Quick Care, the one we use, has a design that reminds us of a lollipop. No doubt that kids will not complain when using it. It records the temperature in less than 8 seconds and can be used for oral, under the armpit, or rectal measurements. The thermometer is easy to use and quite robust, even though the ON/OFF button is relatively small and difficult to press.

We liked that the readings appeared very quickly during our tests and appreciated its unusual but comfortable shape. On the downside, the build quality could be better, which would make it look more premium. Also, we found that the probe is very sensitive to the positioning of the tip in the mouth. So for consistent readings, always measure the temperature in the same position.

Quick Care by Kinsa
  • ACCURATE, RELIABLE, FAST - FDA-cleared for safety & accuracy, the Kinsa QuickCare smart thermometer...
  • VERSATILE DESIGN - The stick-shaped thermometer can be used orally (most common for older children...
  • COMFORTABLE, FLEXIBLE TIP - Soft outer coating and flexible, bendable tip offers optimal comfort for...
  • EASY TO USE - No-hassle design & large lighted display with fever indication icons makes...
  • GREAT FOR SQUIRMY KIDS! - Ellie the Elephant’s bubble-blowing animation* entrances fidgety kids,...

Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer

The Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer works by analyzing the Infrared heat naturally radiating from the eardrum. Non-contact thermometers are especially well suited for babies or for recording the temperature of a sick kid without having to wake him up entirely. 2 AAA batteries power this model.

Both models are FDA cleared for accuracy, and the choice is a matter of personal preferences. The readings will synchronize with the companion app and your favorite Health one, such as Apple Health.

Smart Ear Thermometer by Kinsa
  • 1-SECOND RESULTS - Get an accurate temperature reading (in F and C) in one second using the...
  • NON-INVASIVE DESIGN - Comfortable ear tip allows for use on family members of all ages, from your...
  • ACCURATE, SAFE & RELIABLE - Kinsa thermometers are FDA-cleared for safety & accuracy and meet ASTM...
  • EASY TO USE - Simple, one button design & large lighted display with fever indication icons makes...
  • STORAGE COVER INCLUDED - Conveniently included probe cover keeps the ear tip clean & dust-free in...

Kinsa Quick Scan Forehead non-contact Thermometer

The latest addition to the Kinsa family is the Quick Scan Forehead non-contact Thermometer. Kinsa now offers a complete range of electronic thermometers: Buccal, Ear, and Forehead with this new device.

Quickscan Forehead Non Contact Thermometer by Kinsa
  • INSTANT RESULTS - Get instant, accurate temperature readings (in F and C) using the one-button,...
  • SANITARY, NO TOUCH DESIGN FOR MULTIPLE USERS - The non-contact, hygienic design allows for use on...
  • ACCURATE & RELIABLE - Kinsa thermometers are FDA-cleared for accuracy and meet ASTM standards for...
  • EASY TO USE - Simple, one button design & large lighted display with fever indication icons makes...
  • SMART FEATURES FOR ADDED PEACE OF MIND - Unlock additional benefits when using your thermometer with...

It only takes one second for the Kinsa Quick Scan Forehead to measure the temperature of the forehead. All without the need for contact. As for the other models, the measurements will synchronize with the Kinsa App.

This forehead device is powered by 2xAAA batteries and is convenient for all ages. In addition, the forehead thermometer offers an easy-to-use alternative, especially for children who can sometimes be reluctant to take the ear thermometer’s temperature.

As with the other model, the Kinsa Forehead thermometer comes with a large display and relies on the same plastic material, making it resistant and easy to clean.

The Kinsa App. as an healthcare center

The Kinsa thermometers are easy to use, accurate and FDA cleared. Of course, it is what we expect from a medical product. But we liked the way the app. was designed. The Kinsa app. goes beyond simply storing the readings. Instead, it will provide guidance and advice on the best course of action.

Doctors and pediatricians were involved in compiling a list of practical advice. Then, depending on the symptoms, age, and temperature, the app will suggest a readily available treatment or a course of action. This way, you will know if the best thing to do is rest in bed and drink a hot mild or if it is advisable to call a doctor or even go to the ER.

Remember that these are just advice and do not replace a diagnosis established by a medical professional, but at least they will guide you and hopefully relieve some stress.

Kinsa HealthWeather as your local llness barometer

By combining the temperature readings and localizing them throughout the country, the Kinsa HealthWeather website goes one step further. It acts like an illness barometer. Whether for the seasonal flu or the Covid-1, Kinsa HealthWeather is a great way to know about the diseases currently spreading.

Interestingly, Kinsa detected the spread of Covid-19 as early as March 2020. At that time, the experts hypothesized about the spread of the virus, but temperature data did not lie.

In a Nutshell

By combining accurate and reliable temperature readings to the power of their app and database, Kinsa is undoubtedly on a path to change how diseases are detected and help us react to them. We ranked the Kinsa digital thermometer as our overall best smart thermometer for 2021. It is a modest investment that may change how you deal with nocturnal fevers. It certainly did it for us.

As the iPhone does not have a built-in temperature sensor, the Kinsa smart-thermometers are the perfect match to keep track of your temperature readings.


Is the Kinsa Quickcare accurate?

The Kinsa Quickcare is FDA-Cleared, meaning that it is as accurate as the gold standard thermometers currently available on the market. However, we found that the probe is very sensitive for oral measures. Always make sure to properly position the tip under the tongue, at the back of the mouth. Failing to do so can lead to differences of several degrees. We checked it with two other oral digital thermometers when consistently positioned, and the readings were globally consistent.

Can I use the Kinsa thermometers without the app?

Yes, these devices can be used without the companion app. The readings will then be displayed on the screen and transmitted directly via Bluetooth when the phone and app are activated.

Can I switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius degrees?

Yes, on the Kinsa Quickcare, press the ON/OFF button three times to switch to the temperature scale of your choice.

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